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Location: Sarasota, FL US 34276
Storm Race Series


A little friendly competition never hurt, right? Show your love of triathlon by participating in the Storm Race Series! What's the Storm Race Series, you ask. It's a bunch of triathlons that members can use to compete against each other, just for fun and of course, fame! We picked a variety of local & regional events that are known for fun and safety with a variety of distances so no one has to miss out because of a busy schedule or training needs.


  • Support local races and promoters
  • Provide friendly competition and recognition within the club
  • Increase club member participation in races
  • Build camaraderie by racing events together and supporting team mates
  • Show a large club presence at selected events and have team fun!


  1. HITS Sarasota, January 10
  2. Florida Challenge Clermont, March 13
  3. Challenge Miami, March 12-14
  4. Escape from Ft. DeSoto, April 17
  5. Heartland Sebring, June 13
  6. Sirens & Mermen Sarasota, June 27
  7. Siesta Key Sarasota, August 1
  8. Sand Key Clearwater, September 25
  9. St Anthony's St. Pete, October 3
  10. City Island / Longboat Key, October 10
  11. Great Floridian Clermont, October 23
  12. Challenge Daytona, December 3-5


1.    These are the only rules governing the 2021 Storm Tri Race Series; all other rules are hereby superseded.
2.    Races considered for scoring are the races listed on the SSTC Social Media / Website as the 2021 Race Series. 
3.    Only those races in which you participate while you are a paid club member count in your score.
4.    Enter the series by sending your race results to the race coordinator. See rule #9 for details
5.    All participants must race at least 50% of the events actually occurring in order to achieve eligibility for the series awards. 
6.    In the event that more than 40% of the races on the official list as of January 1, 2021 are cancelled AND more than four (4) club members are signed up to race the cancelled race(s), an alternate(s) will be selected to be included in the series as a replacement(s).
7.    Only individual triathlon, duathlon, and aqua-bike performances are eligible for the race series, no relays.
8.    For the purposes of this series, your age group will be determined by the age you are at the conclusion of the race series. Effectively this will be December 31, 2021. 
9.    Report your race results by sending them to the official 2021 Race Series email account . Acceptable forms of reporting in the email are a web link, photo, or screen shot of the official race results as reported by the Race Director for the event in question. Results texted, verbally communicated, posted on the club social media, typed into the body of an email, or sent via Western Union are routed directly to the race coordinator’s circular file.
10.    Participants are responsible for reporting their individual race results to the race coordinator in a timely manner after completing the race. Unreported or missing results are the responsibility of the individual participant. The race coordinator will not be looking up your results for you. You can have another club member submit your results for you following rule #9.
11.    Awards recognition given in the following categories will be at the 2022 SSTC banquet kick off or an alternate event  as determined by the SSTC board. Prizes for each award will be determined prior to the banquet / award ceremony. 
     a.    Age Group: Top scores (3 male, 3 female) in each age group, for each event type (Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquabike)  as defined by:
               i.    15 and Under, 16 – 19, 20 – 24, 25 – 29 etc… all the way to age 90+
     b.    Overall Top Athlete: top overall female and male athlete
     c.    Special Awards: 
               i.    Mermaid / Merman – Fastest Swim at TBD
               ii.    KOM / QOM – Fastest bike leg at GFT, one for each distance
               iii.    Atalanta / Pheidippides (Greek goddess / god of running) – Fastest One Third, Two Thirds, and Full distance                       run at GFT
               iv.    Top Transitioners – Fastest combined transition times (T1 + T2) in a single event (no super scoring) over the                        course of the series
12.    Scoring: 
     a.    Age Group: (all references to placement refers to SSTC competitors only) and is determined by overall combined               time for each race. (Swim + T1 + Bike + T2 + Run):
            1st place –     6 points
            2nd place –     4 points
            3rd place –     3 points
            4th place –     2 point
            Finisher –    1 point    

     b.    Overall Top Athlete: scoring will use a formula to weight results from your races based on your age and race time.                Winners of Overall Top Athlete will not be eligible for Age Group awards. 
     c.    Special Awards: Scoring for the Specials are self-evident and all athletes that may have won in one of the other                    categories are eligible to win one of these
     d.    Tie breaker: In the event that there is a tie, the following rules apply in succession:
               i.    Fastest cumulative time in common events completed
               ii.    Most events completed
               iii.    Coin Flip

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