Autism Society Central Virginia 5K & Family Fun Day

Sat May 18, 2019 Richmond, VA US 23235 Directions
Fundraising Templates


The Golden Rule of Fundraising is Just Ask! 


Ask family, friends, and community members with whom you interact on a regular basis. Consider creating a flier for your team to hand out when you are out and about. See an example Team Flier here.  You will be pleasantly surprised how willing most people are to contribute!  When considering who to contact, ask yourself these questions- Who: 
- do I work with
- do my family members work with
- have I done business with
- would like to do business with me
- goes to my gym or health club
- attends my place of worship
- was in my fraternity/sorority
- did I go to high school or college with
- owns or manages my favorite restaurants
- lives in my neighborhood


When writing your email or letter, remember to share your story! Your personal touch makes all the difference. Share details about the event, how they can get involved, and where/how their donation will be used. And don't forget to link to your team fundraising page! 

Here are some examples to provide inspiration and templates for your own letters and emails! 


Jennifer's Sample Email 1

Jennifer's Sample Email 2

Dilshad's Sample Email