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Sirens & Shields Kickball Classic and Virtual 5K

Wed October 20 - Sun October 24 Newark, DE 19702 US Directions

Event: Sirens & Shields Kickball Classic

Kickball Tournament.
4 Adult teams ages 16 and up
2 Jr. teams ages 7-15
Food Trucks, Beer Garden, DJ, and more.

Teams need a minimum of 10 players and can have a maximum of 16 players.
There must always be 3 females on the field at all times.
There will be three games, followed by a final game.
The final game will be the winner's bracket and the loser's bracket.
The winners bracket is determined by most games won in the first three games.
If there is a tie, it will be based on the most runs scored in the first three games.

11:15 - Reminder of Rules

11:30-12:00 Game #1
Clydesdale Cops Vs Kickin' Grass and Takin' Names
Delaware Crime Kickers vs Team Light 'Em Up

12:15-12:45 Game #2
Kicking Grass and Takings Names! vs Delaware Crime Kickers
Clydesdale Cops Vs Team Light 'Em Up

1:00-1:30 Game #3
Kicking Grass and Takings Names vs Team Light 'Em Up
Clydesdale Cops Vs Delaware Crime Kickers

Junior Game
1:45 - 2:15
Kickin' Cadets Vs Rookie Runners

2:30 - 3:00
Game #4 (Winners Bracket Game & Losers Bracket Game)

3:15 - Award Ceremony

If you would like to volunteer to become a Team Captain, please email There will be a total of 4 Team Captains and 2 adult Captains for the Jr. teams.

1. Object: The game of kickball is very similar to softball or baseball, except the ball and bat is replaced by a 9-inch playground ball that is rolled by the pitcher, and kicked by the “batter”.
Your goal is to score more runs than your opponent in a set amount of time or innings.
2. Game Length: For this event, each game will last a total of 5 innings, or 30 minutes, whichever comes first. An inning may NOT be started after 30 minutes. Ties will only be broken if the event is an elimination format, and will be done by adding extra innings as needed.
3. Participants:
Defense - Up to 10 defensive players are allowed on the field (including the pitcher), of which a maximum of 7 can be men. A minimum of 8 defensive players must be present to start the game.
Offense– the entire roster may kick, as long as a consistent kicking order is maintained. (No more than 3 male kickers in a row)
4. Pitching Rules:
“Low & Slow”– this is a kicking game, not a pitching game, so a pitched ball must be rolled evenly at low to moderate speeds along the ground. Spinning, bouncing, or fireballing are not allowed.

There will be a dedicated pitcher on each field who is not part of either team.

5. Kicking Rules:
No Called Balls or Strikes –for this event, there will be no called balls or strikes. Therefore, there will be no walks, and there will be no called strikeouts.
“Looking” at multiple pitches is pointless, so you may as well kick it.
Stay Back –you may take a running start prior to kicking the ball, but you must remain behind the plate when you kick. Balls that are contacted in front of the plate will be called back and replayed.
Bunting –is NOT allowed. A bunt will be considered any kick that does not reach the infield baseline. A bunt will be called a foul ball.
Foul Balls –2 foul balls in a single at-bat will be considered an OUT.
Double Kick –a ball that is kicked twice (knee to foot, foot to shin, etc) will be immediately ruled a foul ball.
6. Fielding Rules:
Outs –defensive outs can be recorded in 3 ways, by completing a force out (throwing the ball to a base covering infielder before a forced runner reaches the base), by catching a fly ball, or by hitting any runner with the ball while off base, either by throwing or tagging (shoulders or below).
Base Line –Infielders must remain behind the infield baselines until the ball is kicked. Only the pitcher may charge the play prior to the ball being kicked. Violations will result in a redo of the kick, unless the kicker reaches base safely.
Pitcher’s Hand–“Time” will be called when the ball is received by the pitcher in the vicinity of the pitcher’s mound. Runners may not advance further after the ball reaches the pitcher’s hand.
7. Running Rules:
No Leading Off Base. No Stealing. No Sliding– we all have to go to work on Monday. If you slide, you’re out. Dive backs after overrunning abase are legal. Runners will receive one additional base on any defensive overthrow that leaves the field of play.
Foul Ball = Dead Ball – there is no tagging up on caught fly balls.
A runner, which could be the kicker, will be called out if they are contacted by a kicked ball while off base.
8. Umpires:
Your umpires/field monitors are there to ensure that you fully enjoy your day of kickball. Their calls will be made to the best of their ability, and are not to be disputed. This is kickball, so if an occasional call is made to make the game more fun for everyone (even if incorrect), let it go. Abusive behavior or language toward any Fusion or RGW Foundation representative will result in your immediate removal from the day’s activities.
Event Date: Sunday October 24, 2021
Start Time: 10:00am EDT
End Time: 4:00pm EDT
Registration: Online Registration is Closed

Online Registration has Ended.

Event: Sirens & Shields 5K - VIRTUAL

Registration: Online Registration is Closed

Online Registration has Ended.

Event: Sirens & Shields Chili Cook-Off (Food Trucks Only)

$25.00 entry fee and you can also sell during the event.
Register by Oct. 20 to be included in the pre-event promotions and press releases.
$50 to the winner
Trophies for runners-up
Event Dates: Wednesday October 20, 2021 - Sunday October 24, 2021
Start Time: 10:00am EDT
End Time: 11:30pm EDT
Registration Limit: 5 spots left.
Registration: Online Registration is Closed

Online Registration has Ended.

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