LIGHT UP THE CORNERS 4-Mile & 1k Twilight Trot AUGUST 10, 2019

Sat August 10, 2019 Peachtree Corners, GA US 30092 Directions

Cornerstone Christian Academy

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Team SignUp Details

Race Date Saturday August 10, 2019
Created Date Monday July 15, 2019
Team SignUp Type Group/Team
Team SignUp Size No Limit
No. of Members 26
15 Male; 11 Female

Group Members

Name Gender Age Location
Parker M. M 12
Kevin W. M 51
Helen W. F 45
Allie W. F 12
Sara B. F 25 Duluth, GA
Danielle C. F 31 Duluth, GA
David C. M 25 Duluth, GA
Angie S. F 49 Roswell, GA
Austin M. M 29
Scott S. M 50 Peachtree Corners, GA
Hannah S. F 15 Peachtree Corners, GA
Andrew S. M 13 Peachtree Corners, GA
Derek L. M 11 Peachtree Corners, GA
Colin C. M 45
Cole C. M 11
Cooper C. M 9
Suzanna T. F 40
Caroline T. F 11
Luke T. M 9
Owen S. M 13 Norcross, GA
Anna C. F 7 Norcross, GA
Jeremy C. M 41 Norcross, GA
Avery H. F 11 Norcross, GA
Lukas H. M 7 Norcross, GA
Silvia M. F 42 Peachtree Corners, GA
Cole M. M 12 Peachtree Corners, GA