NKYHatesHeroin.com 5K

Sat June 20, 2020 Independence, KY 41051 US Directions

Heroin Kills Dreams

Total :

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Group Members

Name Gender Age Location
Shonda M. F 51 Hebron, KY
Kristin S. F 38 Villa Hills, KY
Kalib S. M 12 Villa Hills, KY
Adelaide S. F 10 Villa Hills, KY
Denise H. F 48 Cincinnati, OH
Vince H. M 48 Cincinnati, OH
Karen F. F 45 Erlanger, KY
Mark F. M 58 Erlanger, KY
Garrett F. M 13 Erlanger, KY
Kristin H. F 36 Bedford, KY
Brett H. M 37 Bedford, KY
Blake H. M 4 Bedford, KY
Bryan H. M 2 Bedford, KY
Deborah H. F 59 Glencoe, KY
Allen H. M 61 Glencoe, KY
Scott T. M 49 Ft Mitchell, KY
Jill T. F 48 Ft Mitchell, KY
Wayne M. M 40 Hebron, KY
Colin D. M 16 Hebron, KY
Madie M. F 16 Hebron, KY
Doug M. M 74 Burlington, KY
Linda M. F 75 Burlington, KY
Brandy B. F 35 Independence, KY
Gary B. M 49 Cincinnati, OH
Sarah B. F 44 Cincinnati, OH
Erika P. F 48 Glencoe, KY
David P. M 54 Glencoe, KY
Christian G. M 43 Covington, KY
Dagmar M. F 36 Covington, KY
Leonardo G. M 10 Covington, KY
David C. M 45 Maineville, OH
Carrie C. F 43 Maineville, OH
Kaleigh C. F 16 Maineville, OH
Cameron C. M 13 Maineville, OH
Kennedy C. F 10 Maineville, OH
Nancy G. F 60 Hebron, KY
Anna G. F 16 Hebron, KY
Alicia M. F 46 Newport, KY
Lesley W. F 50 Cincinnati, OH
Marley W. F 9 Cincinnati, OH
Brian C. M 60 Independence, KY
Daniel F. M 51 Hebron, KY
Jim K. M 47 Cincinnati, OH
Marcie K. F 45 Cincinnati, OH
Debby S. F 60 Cincinnati, OH
Gary J. M 62 Cincinnati, OH
Brian C. M 41 Lebanon, OH
Lincoln C. M 7 Lebanon, OH
Miles C. M 5 Lebanon, OH
Lee G. M 44 Laurel, IN
Adam G. M 15 Laurel, IN
Drew G. M 16 Laurel, IN
Nichole G. F 43 Laurel, IN
Dustin C. M 23 Cincinnati, OH
Cherri L. F 60 Union, KY
Joe N. M 56 Cincinnati, OH
Kitty N. F 57 Cincinnati, OH
Jonathan N. M 8 Cincinnati, OH
Elizabeth N. F 6 Cincinnati, OH
Jay W. M 0 Cincinnati, OH
Tiyil F. M 0 Cincinnati, OH
Stephanie C. F 33 Williamstown, KY
Naomi C. F 8 Williamstown, KY
Amber K. F 37 Cincinnati, OH
Brian K. M 9 Cincinnati, OH
Renee K. F 7 Cincinnati, OH
Kathy H. F 58 West Chester, OH
Cassie W. F 23 Owenton, KY
Clayton W. M 25 Owenton, KY
Angela S. F 43 Dayton, OH
Angi b. F 48 centerville, OH
DARLA B. F 51 Glencoe, KY
Owen C. M 8 Union, KY
Holly C. F 30 Union, KY
Randy C. M 34 Union, KY
stacia b. F 41 Cincinnati, OH
Emily C. F 37 Cincinnati, OH
Tracy N. F 49 Hebron, KY
Karen B. F 43 Covington, KY
Jerry B. M 57 Covington, KY
Paul N. M 49 Hebron, KY
Jack N. M 21 Hebron, KY
Ty N. M 16 Hebron, KY
Dianne K. F 45 Cincinnati, OH
Reed C. M 3 Cincinnati, OH
Mark J. M 34 Erlanger, KY
Curnie W. M 52 Glencoe, KY
Jennifer R. F 48 Fairfield, OH
Charlie R. M 16 Fairfield, OH
Rachel S. F 36 Ft Mitchell, KY
Jordan P. M 14 Union, KY
Joseph I. M 15 Hebron, KY
Julie I. F 53 Hebron, KY
Katie Z. F 33 Cincinnati, OH
Tyler C. M 11 Cincinnati, OH
Lynne A. F 50 Ft Mitchell, KY
Kim C. F 46 Cincinnati, OH
Keller D. M 13 Cincinnati, OH
Kohen D. M 13 Cincinnati, OH
Rayven H. M 15 Fort Thomas, KY
Caleb R. M 14 Independence, KY
Gus W. M 11 Lakeside Park, KY
Ian S. M 12 Ft Mitchell, KY
Jennifer S. F 43 Ft Mitchell, KY
Barrett L. M 11 Ft Mitchell, KY
Scott D. M 46 Ft Mitchell, KY
Carson B. M 13 Florence, KY
Elizabeth B. F 11 Florence, KY
Lisa C. F 56 New Richmond, OH
BRYAN R. M 36 Metamora, IN
Makaylee W. F 16 Metamora, IN
Camryn B. F 16 Metamora, IN
Trevor J. M 23 Glencoe, KY
Madi P. F 19 Glencoe, KY
scott s. M 57 Ft Mitchell, KY
Lesleigh s. F 53 Ft Mitchell, KY
Ava s. F 16 Ft Mitchell, KY
Iris N. F 14 Jeffersonville, IN
Oliver N. M 11 Jeffersonville, IN
Aubrey J. F 28 Sanders, KY
Bonnie B. F 49 Warsaw, KY
Amberly V. F 41 North Bend, OH
Stephanie C. F 34 Hebron, KY
Justin C. M 12 Hebron, KY
Brooklyn C. F 8 Hebron, KY
Lucas C. M 7 Hebron, KY
Rachael C. F 4 Hebron, KY
Tina M. F 43 California, KY
Susan B. F 44 Independence, KY
Samantha F. F 15 Independence, KY
Savannah F. F 12 Independence, KY

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