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Sun October 3 - Mon November 1 Ramona, CA 92065 US Directions

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1003 Feghali Ln
Ramona, CA US 92065


The Crucible.

A 4-week virtual adventure, The Crucible is a 4-pronged test of a hybrid athlete's performance. Endurance, Speed, Power, Strength. We wanted to eradicate any arbitrary or gatekeeping measure of strength or aerobic capacity (500/5min mile, 6/6/6 challenge, etc) and create an open and accessible yearly measure of overall fitness. We want to challenge all athletes of all levels to push to their outer limits and pursue their best performance, as everyone else around the world does the same.


Whatever your fitness level, we want you to participate. This is for you, the one who shows up when no one’s watching. No matter where you are in the world, you’re welcome to participate. Let’s show the world what you can do.

Equipment required: Access to a gym, or a barbell with plates. Shoes, or a bicycle, or a rower. 2 kettlebells.

SCALED: This division is for all levels of athlete, including hikers, new cyclists, and anyone new to lifting. 

PRO: This division is for all levels of athlete who consider themselves experienced in running, cycling, lifting, or both (ie, less skill development required to achieve performance goals, not that you're actually pro). 

DOUBLES: Scaled and Pro, M/F teams. Supertotal score is all pounds/kb added together, footrace/endurance is total distance traveled together, Wingate score is total of 2 athletes, KB long cycle is total of both athlete's repetitions, added together. 

PRIZES: Top Male and Female Pro Singles & Doubles, CASH PRIZE. Top Male and Female Scaled Singles & Doubles, Cash Prize. All finishers unlock access to the "Finisher" shirt, and all winners are awarded a special "Fittest Hybrid" shirt. There will be participation prizes awarded to things like "Biggest PR during Supertotal," "Biggest Distance PR during Endurance," "Biggest Vert Collected," "Best Costume" (this ends on Halloween, after all) and "Best Hybrid Spirit" with others TBD. Sponsor awards and swag TBD. Any remaining profit will be donated. 

Each of these 4 events must be completed, filmed or recorded, and submitted within the 4-week window of October 3rd to October 31st. There will be a recommended order, but no required timeline.

Athletes of all skill levels will log their best possible performances in each of these 4 events, to be ranked on a global scale. You do not have to be a "hybrid athlete," you do not need to be a CHP client, you do not need to perform every event, and you do not need to perform every lift within each event. This is about you. What do you want to test, log, try? Do that. We want to provide the platform, the accountability, the challenge, the competition, but you do what you want with it. Get as crazy as you want, challenge yourself as much as you want to.

  • SUPERTOTAL: Athlete must perform and record a squat, deadlift, bench press, clean and jerk, and snatch. Score is the total of all 5 lifts in pounds/kg. Lifts do not need to be performed consecutively, or even in one day.
  • ENDURANCE FOOTRACE: Athletes run as far as they can for a set period of time. Scaled: 2 hours, Pro: 6 hours. Alternatives: Hiking, cycling indoor or outdoor (with a scoring modifier), rowing. We will be using Strava and using their GAP (Grade Adjusted Pace) to sort out various course differences, and encourage true exploration vs flat track miles. Both are good, but, in the spirit of Complete Human Performance, we'd like to encourage personal challenge, whatever that means for you.
  • WINGATE TEST: Directions TBD, 30-second sprint test on bike or rower, measured in power output (wattage).
  • 30-MINUTE KETTLEBELL LONG-CYCLE HALF MARATHON: Kettlebell long-cycle, max reps in 30 minutes. Scaled weight: 24kg men/12kg women. Pro weight: 32kg men/24kg women. Kettlebell long-cycle remains active, per Half Marathon rules, as long as the kettlebell stays off of the floor. We will allow it to hang freely (yknowww), instead of being racked on the shoulder, but as soon as it touches the floor the set is over and the score is complete.

There will be a random tiebreaker event released mid-event, so be prepared. If you are participating in another race, lifting event, or event during October you can submit your score in that event to The Crucible. ie, a powerlifting meet + clean and jerk on another occasion.

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