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2020 and Beyond


Merch now for sale!

4/1 - no April Fools, starting today you can pre-order your #wekeeprunning merch!  All proceeds go to support the industry and between 4/1-4/15, 10% of sales will go to either Girls on the Run, Shoes that Fit, or a COVID-19 related cause. Stickers ship now, Shirts ship out mid-April.

4/9 - New Shirts! Colored Mesh for $22.99, Tri-Blend for $27.99



Fundraiser Website

Additional fundraiser information can be found at


Greetings - this page has been shut down to split into other resources.

Find our merch at Shopify here. 

All charitable donations are being taken through our Virtual Challenges Here:

Find our Virtual Events calendar and other resources on our website at


How Can I Help?

First - Spread the love of running, everywhere you go.  Share what you do with your friends – it will help them now, and it will help our sport in the long term.   

  • When you run (or walk, or ride, or Tri), think about the people around you – give a smile and wave, stop to pick up a piece of garbage. Bring the positivity of race day to everyone you see.  
  • You might go so far as to reach out to a neighbor who is self-isolating, or community organization that deals with people who are feeling alone (and of course you can run to see them).
  • Use competitions (real or virtual), social media, and your fitness apps to share with each other. Join our FB group "We Keep Running" and our Strava Club - we will be doing a LOT more with running challenges soon.
  • Tag and share #wekeeprunning to share your workouts and support with the community.


Second - NOW purchase merchandise to help spread the word and aid the fund for donations.  Select from multiple causes dear to the industry/community. 

All proceeds go to fitness/running community-related causes.   At least 10% of your TOTAL merch purchase will go to the cause you elect below;  At least 50% of additional donations will go specifically to that cause (up to the other 50% may go to other industry-related causes).    All orders/donation totalling more than $50 will get a free #wekeeprunning sticker (the clear round 5" sticker).

The causes for April 1st-15th are Girls on the Run and Shoes that Fit;  you can also choose to have it go to COVID-19 relief of most urgent need.

Help keep the racing community alive by supporting this initiative.   #wekeeprunning is an initiative of On Path Events, a supporter of many races and the running industry.  We are not (currently) operating as a 501(c)(3), and we are looking for 501 partners to facilitate both indirect and direct fundraising to. We understand this may deter some (see point #3 below).  Proceeds go to support vetted causes, and we will be supporting individual fundraisers to both non-profit and for-profit causes.  We’ll also be looking to develop competitions and opportunities to pledge and compete per mile, with corporate sponsorship and matching opportunities. Here’s where the money goes:

  • To support organizations in 6 regions around the country who may have no other source of income, and will continue driving community efforts, training, virtual runs, group runs, and community initiatives.  Your money will return to the regions and programs of your choosing.  
    • Individual causes will be chosen based on a series of criteria to be established by a general committee and announced soon.  Individual donations can go directly to the approved causes, to a region, to the area of most urgent need, or to the general fund.
    • Regions are: West Coast, Midwest/Rockies, Great Lakes, South, Southeast, and Northeast. 
    • The submission process and criteria will be outlined soon (week of 3/22-29). 
  • To leverage event and fitness technology for competitions and challenges in support of the initiative.  These projects can continue to benefit everyone long after the outbreak is over.
  • The first competitions will be announced shortly.  


Third - if you don’t feel comfortable doing either of these:

Please consider reaching out to the local charity or organization of your choice and see you can help them. They go on running throughout the year, and they often count on these events to keep them afloat and support their causes.  We will be looking into how to further involve them directly in this movement.


Whichever you choose, please share the hashtag #wekeeprunning to help keep the community alive and positive during this difficult time.



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