Eastern KY Summer Running Challenge

Mon June 1 - Wed September 9 Lexington, KY 40502 US

How does this Virtual Challenge work?
Each day you have the opportunity to go for a run/walk. All you have to do in this challenge is log your distance under your profile! 

Can I do multiple routes?
The 100, 125, and 150 Mile Challenges might seem easy for runners; especially if you have all summer. Therefore, if you want a tougher challenge, select the 375 Mile Route where you have to average 3.75 Miles/Day (and by completing it - you will earn TWO MEDALS).

Or, if you are looking for a short term challenge, select one of the lower mile challenges and try to complete it within one month. Everything is flexible and you can start/end your challenge at anytime during the summer - just as long as you register and submit your miles within the deadlines.

What happens if I didn't start on June 1st?
No worries; we allow you to backlog your miles for the dates you weren't with us. For example, if you joined us on June 11th, simply login to your profile and log the miles for June 1-10th. Again, just be sure to get registered/log your challenge miles before the challenge ends to get your medal(s).

When are the deadlines/important dates to remember?
Registration/Event Transfers ends July 31st at Midnight; the challenge ends September 9th at Midnight.

What swag will I receive by doing this challenge?
All participants automatically receive a commemorative light-weight shirt hoodie! Challenge medal(s) will go to those who complete their challenge! All swag will either be available for pickup (dates/locations TBD) or mailed out at the conclusion of the challenge. 

Can I walk the challenge?
Of course, walkers are definitely welcome to participate in this challenge! Use this as motivation to stay active! 

If I complete the an easier challenge and want to switch to the 375 Mile Challenge can I?
Of course, simply go to your RunSignUp account and do an event transfer. There will be a cost to cover the price difference (the second medal). Deadline to switch events will be July 31st at midnight. 

Are Biking Miles Allowed?
No, this is a Running and Walking. Bike miles are not allowed to be logged. 

Are there any awards for this challenge?
There are no awards for this challenge (simply because there is no verification system). However, we might have some fun door prizes and/or we might make a friendly team competition (based on challenge completion percentage and not total miles).

If I complete the challenge early, will I get my swag upon completion?
No, all swag will be sent (or available at one of our pickups) at the conclusion of the challenge date (sometime in early September).


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