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Martin County, FL Firefighter Challenge

Surprise Yourself. Take the Challenge!

The Official Firefighter Challenge, with its more than 30-year rich history of serving the fire service, is coming to Martin County. This job-related, skills-based course is open to all firefighters regardless of where they are in their fitness journey. The camaraderie, encouragement, and takeaway experiences from each event are immeasurable. What are you waiting for? We look forward to seeing you on the most exciting challenge course in town!

Introducing the Challenge Course

More than 70,000 firefighters have already raised their hand to accept the Challenge, successfully completing some or all of the five job-related evolutions on our course. Whether a rookie, veteran, volunteer, or career firefighter, fit or not fit, our course allows you to develop at your own pace and with the encouragement and counsel of your fellow participants. The stories of personal growth, overcoming hurdles and achieving milestones are endless at the Challenge. What will your story be?

Evolution 1: High-Rise Pack Carry

It's the starting point of the course, where champions are born! Participants, waiting at the base of the tower, hear the alarm and begin their climb (run) up our 41 feet high, five (5) story tower of stairs (63 steps) carrying a 42lb hose pack. It's an exciting race to the top, and the beginning of an exciting personal journey!

Evolution 2: The Hose Hoist

Once at the top of the tower, participants will hand-over-hand hoist a 42lb donut roll of hose from the ground up to the top of the tower. It's mind over matter, working through the burn until the roll of hose clears the top railing and is placed into the container on the top platform floor. Now it's time to turn around and descend back down the tower. You've got this!

Evolution 3: Force Machine

Presented by Keiser®, participants will simulate a chopping motion using a 9.6lb dead blow hammer to force the 160lb Keiser® Force Machine's steel beam a horizontal distance of 5 feet. Deep breath, you're half-way to the finish line!

Evolution 4: The Hose Advance

Participants will negotiate the 140-foot (42.6m) slalom course without missing or knocking over any delineator. They will then pick up the nozzle end of the 1- 3/4 inch (4.45cm) charged hose line and drag it 75 feet. Once the nozzle penetrates the swinging doors, they will open the nozzle aiming the stream to hit the target. Now drop that nozzle and go because the finish line is now in sight!

Evolution 5: Victim Rescue

Presented by Nasco Healthcare®, participants will drag a 175Ib Rescue Randy® mannequin backwards a distance of 106 feet. The cheering crowd is rooting you on, and the time officially stops when you and Rescue Randy® completely cross the finish line. Celebration time! There are no losers here. You're a winner because you pushed yourself and finished strong! Congratulations!


Valued Sponsors

Strengthening the First Responder Community

The Firefighter Challenge is a program of the First Responder Institute, a 501(C)(3) tax-exempt organization. Our mission is to inspire First Responders to aim for their highest level of fitness, wellness and safety. Our vision is to eradicate preventable injuries and deaths of First Responders by leveraging the synergy of discovery, knowledge, spirit, and collaboration among the many groups who share our vision.

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