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Iowa 100mi Challenge

Challenges: IA 100 - Run Only IA 100 - Bike Only IA 100 - Swim Only IA 100 - Triathlon IA 100 - Any Activity

Iowa 200mi Challenge

Challenges: IA 200 - Run Only IA 200 - Bike Only IA 200 - Swim Only IA 200 - Tri: 3.5mi swim - 159.25mi bike - 37.25mi run IA 200 - Any Activity

Iowa 310mi Challenge

Challenges: IA 310 - Run Only IA 310 - Bike Only IA 310 - Swim Only IA 310 - Tri: 5.25mi swim - 247mi bike - 57.75mi run IA 310 - Any Activity

Iowa 620mi Challenge

Challenges: IA 620 There AND Back - Any Activity

Iowa 1,086 mile Border Run!

Challenges: IA 1,086 Mile BORDER Challenge!

Team Challenge

Challenges: TEAM Relay 1,086 mile BORDER Challenge TEAM Relay 620 mile Challenge TEAM Relay 310 mile Challenge TEAM Relay 200 mile Challenge TEAM Relay 100 mile Challenge

We are challenging you to get out there and move 310 miles doing specific sport/activity you love or a combination of different sport/activities to get your 310 miles in. 

Why 310?  There are 310 miles across the state of Iowa west to east.  We also have a category for 200, the miles across Iowa North to South.  620 for those looking for a big challenge (across the state and back).  100 miles for those who want something a little shorter, which is the distance from Ames to Cedar Rapids.


All Shirts are Bella + Canvas Tri-blend soft shirts!  We have both male and female cut shirts, each with their own shirt design.

Your race shirt is printed in Iowa by a local small business and the finisher medal is made in the USA, seriously!


So, you are ready to accept the Challenge?

1st - Choose your challenge distance
          • 310 miles across the state from Missouri River to Mississippi River
          • 620 miles across the state AND BACK!
          • 200 miles across the state north to south from Minnesota to Missouri
          • 100 miles from Ames to Cedar Rapids

2nd - Choose you activity
          • Run only
          • Swim only
          • Bike only
          • Triathlon (based on Ironman distance proportions)
          • Anything goes – all activities: stand up paddle, rowing, running, skating, etc…

3rd - Get moving!
           • Track your miles through our system and see yourself move across the state along with your friends and family. Who will be the first one to reach the                         Mississippi?

4th - Invite your people!
           • Invite your friends and family to join the race!  Have 5 people sign up through your referral code and receive a free custom made Boco gear Iowa 310 Challenge hat!

5th - Complete the challenge!
           • Prove to yourself and the doubters that you have what it takes to meet the Iowa 310 Challenge.  Bask in the glory of your finisher medal and the knowledge that you totally rocked it.  


We know what you're thinking! You want to bring your friends and family along on this adventure with you. We think that's a great idea and we are sending anyone who refers 5 or more people a FREE Iowa 310 Challenge Hat by Boco Gear.

Here is how it works:
1st - Sign yourself up for a solo or team event. At the end of the registration process you will be given a referral code.
2nd - Take your referral code and share it on social media or email to your friends. Encourage them to signup using your referral link.
3rd - After 5 people sign up using your code we will mail you a FREE Iowa 310 Challenge Hat

Invite your friends and run in your new hat!

Did you miss your referral code when you signed up?
There are three main locations you can find your referral code
1. Within your Confirmation Email
2. Within your RunSignup Profile
3. Within the confirmation page following Registration
4. Additional info here:



Teams are a great way to complete the challenge and stay active with your family and friends.  Each team members' miles will count toward the challenge goal of 100, 200, 310, or 620 miles.  Example: Chuck Morris runs 5 five miles and Mr. Niyagi bikes 10 miles, so their collective team total for that day is 15 miles.

Teams can consist of 2-15 members.  Team members can do equal miles but they don't have to.  All activities are welcome in the team challenges.  For instance, you can run, swim, paddle, bike, skate, and/or do cartwheels!  Any activity that goes from point A to point B or can be tracked in miles (treadmill/elliptical).

When signing up for the Team events the first person will CREATE THE TEAM.  Each member after that will select JOIN A TEAM and then select the team name created by the first person in the drop down menu.


Q: How do I report the miles from my activity?
A: Report and tracking your miles is super easy!  Get started HERE 

Q: Do I have to log a certain amount of miles each day or can I break it up how I would like?
A: You can complete your activity on a schedule that works best for you as long as you complete your miles by September 30, 2020.

Q: Why does the day-by-day distance on the map show only whole numbers?
A: On the map only whole numbers are shown due to saving space. You can record your distance up to two decimals and the system will retain it.   Your total distance shown will include all miles entered.

Q: What type of activities count for the "Any Activity" category?
A: In the "Any Activity" category you can count your miles in any combination of the following activities: running, walking, swimming, biking, running/walking on the treadmill, elliptical, rowing, etc.   Any activity that goes from point A to point B or can be measured in miles is acceptable.  Yes, cartwheels are ok :-)

Q: During the summer I am running other races too.  Can I count those miles towards IA310 Challenge?  
A: Yes!  Anytime you are moving from point A to point B for your designated activity you should count those miles.

Q: When will my shirt be shipped?
A: Shirts will be shipped out weekly beginning on 6/15/2020.

Q:  When will my medal be shipped?
A:  Medals will be shipped out once you or your team completes the challenge. 

Q:  How many people can be on a team?
A:  Teams can have 2-15 participants. 

Q: How do I set up my team?
A: Just click on SIGN UP for the TEAM CHALLENGE. The first person to register will CREATE A NEW TEAM. The rest of the team members will click sign up for the same team event just like the first person did.  Instead of creating a team the second team member will select JOIN AN EXISTING TEAM.  All the team names will be displayed in the drop down menu.  Each additional team member just needs to select the team they wish to join.  Easy as that!

Q:  How do I print out my finisher certificate?
A:  After you submit your results, there is a button in the top right corner that says "print my finisher certificate." If you are a team relay runner, once your results are posted on the results board, you can click on them and then select "print my finisher certificate."

Q: What type of material is the IA310 shirt?
A: Bella Canvas Tri-Blend super soft shirt!  We have both male and female cut shirts.  The female specific shirt has been reported to run small so it is recommended to order one size up for the female shirts.

Q: Where are the donations going to?                                                                                                                                                                                                    A:  The donations will be made to the Food Bank of Iowa.  Iowa 310 has the goal of raising $2000 for The Food Bank of Iowa.  The Food Bank of Iowa serves Iowa's food pantries which help distribute food to Iowa's food insecure.

Race Contact Info

If you have any questions about this race, click the button below.


There are 310 miles across the state of Iowa. Do you have what it takes to run/swim/walk/ride that far this Summer? This virtual race will take you across or down the state of Iowa, whichever path you choose. It is your choice how you want to make it: run, bike, swim, tri, or any physical activity. While 310 miles sounds like a lot we believe You Can Do It!


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