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Team Kiss Turns 40

Sun June 5, 2022 Barrington, IL 60010 US Directions


Half Marathon

7:00AM CDT


7:00AM CDT

2K Walk

7:00AM CDT

Kids Run

9:30AM CDT


235 Lions Dr.
Barrington, IL US 60010


Kindly help us out and complete your registration by 5PM Saturday, June 4th.  This will allow us to have an assigned bib ready for you on race morning.

Ah, the glorious summer of 1982 – what a time to be born, and wouldn’t we know it! As Kristin and Mike are both celebrating their 40th birthdays this summer, we wanted to have a non-traditional celebration/ party by putting on a race for friends/ family.

Q&A in entertaining fashion:

Q: Wait, are you actually going to really put on like a real race for no reason other than to celebrate your birthdays?

A: Um, are we friends? I mean absolutely we are. Chip timed. Real bibs. Legit start/ finish. And if we can find enough power outlets a DJ too!

Q: What distances will you offer?

A: Half marathon, 10k, 2k (walk) AND a kids race (1/2 mile or 1 mile). If your training goes off kilter or you hit the bars too hard the night before and that mile looks more appealing, we could be coaxed into renaming the kids race a “fun run for all” too.

Q: What time are the festivities being held?

A: 7:00am start time for the Half marathon and 10k (plan to arrive 15-20 min before to get your bib). Run, jog, walk, crawl, whatever – but plan to get to that finish line in 2:30 hours, as the kids race is slated for a 9:30am start.

Ankle biters 1/2 mile: 9:30am start

Big kids 1 mile: 9:45am start

Q: Ugh. Why soooo early?

A: Because it’s June. In Illinois. And runners like to be sleep deprived.

Q: What will the course look like?

A: A map. It will look like a map. Get clicky and see race courses below: 

Half Marathon


Kids Mile

2K Walk


Q: Is this a closed course with water stations and gels?

A: Hahaha. Sorry, this is in fact not the Chicago Marathon. No, it will be open to traffic; however we will do our best to mark the course and are working through logistics of at least two water stations. Please note – this is a no waste race. Do not throw garbage on the road/ lawns, because the only dumping you should do is in a port-a-potty.

Q: I have absolutely no desire to run, but I have kids and NEED to entertain them, can I just register the kids?

A: Sure thing lazy bones, make the or kids do all the hard work. Fine by us, though, kids love to run.

Q: Will there be t-shirts/ age-group awards/ finisher’s swag?

A: I mean….anything is possible, but didn’t anyone teach the phrase “you get what you pay for?” So, if this is free….then….

Q: Ok, I’m interested, but how much is this amazing experience going to set me back? You know, what’s the cost?

A: This is our present to you. The races – all distances - will be free to participants.

Q: So, can I just show up day-of, or do I NEED to register?

A: Please register – to help us plan, and if nothing else to make it look like we have friends.

Q: Where is this happening?

A: Langendorf Park: 235 Lions Dr, Barrington IL. Run will start at the southern most parking lot. Please park in any of the two giant northern lots and walk the 50 feet to the southern lot so we can have a clean start/ finish. 

Q: What if I stub my toe or somehow get injured?

A: Ice, Compression, Elevation. Note - you don’t see the option of suing anyone putting on the event (Team Kiss, ItsRaceTime, or anyone else). By registering and crossing that start line you are agreeing not to sue anyone or bring any lawsuit related to Team Kiss Turns 40. Did I really just have to write that? What a world we live in. 

5/26/22: email update:

If you’re getting this email, congratulations, you are signed up to run with Team Kiss on Sunday June 5! Or, someone pranked you by using your email when they signed up. Either way, you are running now!

Some details updates and burning questions answered. Don’t worry if this is too long - you are off on Monday and can just spend the day reading it at the pool while you pretend to watch your kids jump off the diving board 812 times. 

Kids Run: TIME CHANGE. We’re pulling the 1/2 mile (ankle biters division) to 9:30 am and the 1 mile (big’uns division) to 9:45 am. All other distances will start at 7:00 am. Please stick around to cheer on the kids (and keep them out of the creek).

Course Safety: Please remember the run course is OPEN to traffic. This is not the Olympics, be smart. 10k/ Half, when you get to the high school (through the gate on Hager ave.) you will go LEFT around the high school and take the sidewalk around the school towards the tennis courts and out to Hart Road. READ THIS PART: there is a bike event (Arlington 500) leaving from Barrington High School at 6:30 am. The only crossover is that runners will turn left (south) on Hart Road and right (west) onto the sidewalk on Main St, while bikers will leave the high school parking lot and ALSO will turn left (south) on Hart before they go left (East) on Main St. PLEASE be careful at this intersection. 

We have yard signs, which will be scattered along the course with arrows to point you in the right direction and hopefully get cars to pay attention. 

We will have several printed copies of the course on hand at the start, but a great idea to take a look and familiarize yourself with the ROUTE 

Note, if you are doing the 10k, you will turn around at “The Big Red Barn” at mile 3.1. Simply put the first 3.1 miles and last 3.1 miles are the SAME, so just go back the way you came. 

If you are doing the 2k walk, you will turn around just before you go through the gate on Hager Ave. 

Location: Langendorf, start line is right next to the splash pad (the southeast corner). Please park in the main lots (north of the pool) so we have room for runners/ DJ, etc. to stage … plus that 1/10 mile walk will warm up those muscles. 

Holy cow, you were not kidding, this is long. Sorry. Watch your kids jump into the pool again….And…you’re back!

Restrooms: Pre-race there are three options. 

1) Portapotty next to the baseball field (at the northwest corner of the park district building). 

2) The Langendorf shelter next to the splash pad has mens and womens restrooms - which will open at 6:30 am. 

3) There is a McDonalds at the north end of the parking lot. I hear they have food there too, who knew?!

Wait. What about bathrooms during the race? Well lucky for you, the run is through Barrington Hills and supply chain disruptions have not slowed renovations in the area - so maybe you’ll find a porta potty! Or better yet, it’s heavily wooded and you can answer the age old question if a bear poops in the woods…

Hydration/ Fuel: We will have two coolers on the course with water and Gatorade. Final placement TBD, but tentatively mile 3.1, 5.5, 6.5 and 10 (for the half, thanks to loops you pass the same spots a few times) and ONLY at 3.1 for the 10k. This means you should never be more than ~3.5 miles from water. Remember, it’s a NO WASTE race, so please do not litter/ put your trash in the garbage bag tied to the cooler. 

Fuel, we will have some Honey Stinger gels at the start line. If you don’t take them, we’ll just feed them to the kids!

Bring an appetite for coffee and donuts. YES, you are welcome to try to pound a donut before the race to ensure you get your favorite flavor. Your stomach may disagree with your brain about that decision, but bring the battle. 

Bib pickup: Race morning. Head toward the shelter by the start line. If you pre-registered like we pestered you to do, it will be super easy. If not, don’t worry too much we’ll take care of you too - but you may have to run a penalty lap. 

Miscellaneous: While we appreciate being showered in extravagant gifts and jewels from far away lands, please NO gifts. Instead, if you are interested/ able dig through your closet and find a pair or two of shoes that don’t fit or just ran out of miles. We will be collecting used (or new) shoes to be sent to Soles4Souls, an organization that distributes shoes to those in need across the world. 

Can I bring a running buddy? Of course. The only rule is they are as amazing as you - and so long as they expect nothing they won’t be disappointed. 

Any other questions - just reach out. Have a great Memorial Day weekend. Look forward to seeing you soon!
Mike & Kristin

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