White Lake Fall Half

Sat October 12, 2019 Directions


7:00AM EDT - 2:00PM EDT


7:00AM EDT - 2:00PM EDT


7:00AM EDT - 2:00PM EDT
NC FFA Center
1247 Hwy 53 East
Elizabethtown, NC 28337

Event #17 in the 2019 AAA Car Care North Carolina Triathlon Series

Distances: S: 1.2 Miles - B: 56 Miles - R: 13.1 Miles

Packet Pick-Up


Race Site:  The FFA Center dining hall opposite the covered pavilion. Google map


Friday, Oct. 11th:  4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Saturday, Oct. 12th:  5:00 am - 6:30 am

Mandatory Photo ID: All participants will be required to show photo ID at packet pick-up (including relay team members). You will not be given your race packet without photo ID!  All participants must pick up their own race packet – individuals and relays. USAT Members: USA Triathlon requires that all USAT annual members must show their USAT membership card at packet pick-up. Any USAT annual member who does not present his/her valid membership card at packet pick-up will be required to pay the USAT one-day fee of $15. If you have not yet received your current USAT membership card, be sure to print out a temporary card to show at packet pick-up. We must see a current expiration date or you will have to pay the one-day fee. Please visit www.usatriathlon.org/membership to join, renew or print your temporary card.

Medical Form: Please make sure you fill out the medical form and have it with you at packet pick-up. This form is mandatory. You will need to turn it in to receive your race packet. The medical form is found on the last page of this document and on our event web page.

Race Packet: Your race packet will contain two race numbers, race swag and a swim cap. Athletes are encouraged to visit our sponsor table which contains coupons and free merchandise. As part of Set Up’s GO GREEN initiative, we’ve reduced the amount of printed materials in your packet. Course maps, swim wave times and categories and event details will be posted at packet pick-up. If you wish to have this info with you, please print it out before the race.
You will be issued two numbers at packet pick-up: The square number is your run number and must be displayed on the front of your body during the run segment of the race only. Safety pins will be available at packet pick-up if you don’t have a race number belt.
The medium-sized number (actually containing your number twice) is used during the bike segment of the race. Place this number over the top tube of your bike – toward the front if possible—with the adhesive backing.

Important things to remember :

•   A photo ID is required for packet pick-up.
•   Cash, Check or Credit Card are accepted.
•   You must fill out a medical form for packet pickup. Please complete this Medical form and bring to packet pickup.
•   All participants must pick up their own race packet. (Including all relay team members)
•   USA Triathlon requires that all USAT annual members must show their USAT membership card at packet pick-up.
•   Any USAT annual member who does not present his/her valid membership card at packet pick-up,
    will be required to pay the USAT one-day fee of $15. No exceptions.


A participant orientation meeting will be held at 6:00 PM on Friday under the covered pavilion. We will cover as many details as possible about the race and questions will be encouraged. A representative from USA Triathlon will also be on hand to discuss USAT issues and concerns relative to rules and safety. This meeting should last about 30 minutes - we encourage everyone to attend.


Race Day Information

Race Day Arrival: When you arrive on race morning you will be greeted by a volunteer at the front gate of the FFA Center. We will have an alpha list of all participants. Check that list, find your race number, and then you can go ahead and rack your bike in the transition area. After your bike is racked, then you can proceed to packet pick-up. Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to get checked in on race morning.

Parking: Participants may park in the designated parking lots immediately adjacent to the transition area inside the grounds of the North Carolina FFA Center. When the FFA Center has been filled, parking volunteers will direct you to additional parking areas outside the FFA grounds. This additional parking is along Hwy 53 – west of the FFA Center.
NOTE: If you park inside the FFA center grounds – you will not be allowed to leave before 1:00 PM. After 7:00a, access into the FFA Center is available via Clinton Road (west of the FFA) only.

Athlete Drop-Off: If you are having someone drop you off at the race site, please do not stop in front of the FFA Center. The fenced area along Highway 53 must remain free of stopped vehicles. This is a request from the White Lake Police Department. If you are not parking inside of the FFA Center, please proceed to the off site parking area to unload.

It is a USAT rule that if you ride your bike to the transition area prior to the race you must be wearing your bike helmet.

Champion Chip Timing: This race will be timed using the Champion Chip Timing method. Chip Pick-Up is 5:15—6:30 Am under the pavilion on the lakefront. You will be required to show your run number to the folks handing out timing chips in order to get your timing chip. Please make sure you read the Champion Chip Timing instruction sheet displayed at packet pick-up.

NOTE: All timing chips must be picked up by 6:30 AM. If you lose your timing chip, you will be charged a $30 replacement fee. Chip pick-up will begin at 5:15 AM on race morning. Make sure you receive the correct timing chip. Your chip number will match run number. You will wear this chip on your left ankle. Attach the chip to the disposable medical ankle strap given to you at chip pick up and attach the strap to your left ankle.

Chip Fit Tips: We usually recommend 1-2 fingers width between the band and your ankle. Too Loose: It could fall off and you’ll be charged a replacement fee for the lost chip. Too Tight: It will become uncomfortable as your ankle will swell a little during the race. When you get it adjusted just right, make sure that the band snaps shut. You will hear the band snap into its closed position when it is secured properly. Volunteers will remove your strap and collect your timing chip as soon as you cross the finish line.

What happens if I lose the timing chip?
If this happens you will be charged a $30 replacement fee. We will send you an invoice within a week of the race. You will be required to pay that invoice before you race in any other Set Up Events races. If you attach the chip and chip strap to your ankle correctly, you should not lose the chip.

Body Marking: All participants must be marked at the body marking area at the race site. Body marking will begin at 5:15AM on race day. You MUST show your race run bib to the volunteer responsible for marking you. If you do not have your bib, you will not be marked.

Chip Pick-Up is located under the pavilion on the lakefront.

Bike Support: Bike tech support will be provided by Bike Cycles and will be set up at the Bike Start/Finish entrance to the transition area.
PLEASE NOTE: There will NOT be a Friday bike check-in and there will NOT be overnight security in TA. ALL BIKES MUST BE RACKED ON RACE MORNING.

Transition Area:
The transition area will have five entrances/exits:

  • Transition Area Entrance/Exit
  • Swim Finish
  • Bike Start
  • Bike Finish
  • Run Start

These entrances and exits will be clearly identified through the use of large inflatable archways. Once the race starts and you’re racing, make sure you come in and out of the transition area through the appropriate inflatable archway. If you’re finishing the swim and heading into the transition area to start the bike, make sure you run through the inflatable archway that reads SWIM FINISH. The inflatable archway next to that one will be for RUN START, so you don’t want to run through that one. At the other end of the transition area will be the BIKE START and BIKE FINISH archways. Please use the designated TRANSITION AREA ENTRANCE/EXIT before the race (to rack your bike and set up your transition) and after you’ve finished racing (to remove your bike and gear).
All participants will have their own numbered bike slot. Find your numbered bike rack and then find your specific space on that rack. You’ll notice that half the numbers on the bike rack face one direction and the other half face the other direction. Place your bike on the rack centered on your number and facing the same direction as your number. Wheel is down on the same side as your number. This will allow for more space between bikes for placing your gear. Each rack accommodates six bikes - three bikes on one side and three bikes on the other side. Do not make a complete change of clothing in the transition area or other event area. There will be port-a-johns located in the transition are as well as the finish/start area. Please use these units if you plan to change clothing.
After the race, you will be required to show your race number (body marking or run number) to check your bike out of transition.


All members must be present at packet pick-up. Each member needs to show a photo i.d. and USAT membership. Relay packets include a neoprene ankle strap, a timing chip pass and the same bike and run numbers as an individual athlete.

On race day, the swimmer or the runner will pick up the team timing chip. The swimmer can show the timing chip pass or the runner may show the square run number to pick up the chip. The neoprene ankle strap allows for easy transfer from swimmer to biker and biker to runner. This strap is worn on the left ankle of each team member. Please remember to pass off the timing chip to your team member for accurate results!
Swimmers will tag bikers at their assigned bike rack location. Bikers must tag runners at the same location. Relay members do not have to remain in the transition area the entire race, but you do need to make sure you are at the bike rack in enough time to get yourself ready and for your team member to tag you. Please be courteous of other competitors as you wait for your team members!
ALL Relay members MUST get body marked before the race.


Aqua bike participants will finish their race as they enter the transition area after the bike portion. Please make your way over to the finish line after you finish to turn in your timing chip to one of our finish line chip volunteers. Results for aquabike will not be seen on the results TV. They will be on a separate sheet of paper that is posted next to the TV.

Please note: AQUA BIKE times are not able to be posted until all athletes have completed the bike portion of the race. Thank you for your patience with this.


Once the race starts, nobody will be allowed entrance through either of the front two gates to the FFA Center grounds. Please make sure any spectators know that their access into and out of the FFA Center property will be through the side entrance located on the left side of the property (as you face the lake) all the way towards the lake and next to the lodge. This side gate is accessible from Clinton Rd. which is the street that is immediately to the left (facing the lake) of the FFA Center property. Arriving spectators need to go to Clinton Rd. and walk down it to the end and enter through that side gate.
Spectator Refreshments: Refreshments for spectators are available for sale near the lakefront pavilion. The post-race food beneath the pavilion is for athletes and volunteers ONLY. We want to make sure that we have enough food for all our participants and volunteers.

NO DOGS ALLOWED: The North Carolina FFA Center does not allow dogs on their grounds. If you have a dog, you will be asked to leave the grounds.
NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ALLOWED: The North Carolina FFA Center prohibits alcoholic beverages on their grounds.

If you park inside the FFA center grounds – you will not be allowed to leave before 1:00 PM.


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NC FFA Center
1247 Hwy 53 East
Elizabethtown, NC 28337

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