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Marty's Programs Presents the Weight Watchers® Walk-It Day 5K

Sun May 22, 2011 Milwaukee, WI 53207 US Directions


Celebrate your completion of the Weight Watchers® Walk-It Challenge and other healthy lifestyle changes you've made on Sunday, May 22, 2011 by participating in a noncompetitive 5K run/walk, in a beautiful park, presented by Marty's Programs LLC, RRCA, and Weight Watchers®.


2900 S Shore Dr
Milwaukee, WI US 53207


Milwaukee's beautiful South Shore Park is located right along the shore of Lake Michigan, about 3 miles south of downtown.  You will walk almost entirely on a bike path south of the pavilion.  As you head back to South Shore Park, remember to give other participants high-fives, as this is a celebration of your new, healthy lifestyle!

Once back, there will be healthy snacks and water available.  You can reward yourself with a fruit, and a granola or other type bar, while talking with 1,000 of your closest friends.

Additional Family Members

You are encouraged to bring family members.

Spouses can either participate in the walk, or we could always use more volunteers to help make everything run smoothly on May 22nd.

As a bonus, if you sign-up more than one person at a time online, the fee is reduced to only $1.25 per person.

If you or they are interested in volunteering, have them email Marty at, as soon as possible, as walkers and volunteers will get the same high quality Technical T-shirt as everyone else, and I would like to get an as accurate count as possilbe, before my April 25th order deadline for the T-shirts. (You can volunteer after that date, as I will order additional shirts on the 25th.

If you have children under 10 years old, they would still get the same high quality Technical T-shirt starting at size Youth Medium, plus get a reduced fee of only $12 now, and $14 the week of the event.  When the screen comes up asking for a Coupon Code, just type in "Child" without the quote marks, and their fee will be reduced by $8 now, and $11 the week of.

If you have very young children, toddlers, or infants, please sign them up, too.  Their fee is $0, as we won't have a shirt small enough for them. We'll have short kids runs on the grass, and a baby crawl on a tarp.  We'll need to have waivers for all participants, even if they are in just in strollers, or playing in the kids activities.  (I believe there is still the $1.25 processing fee.)  When the Coupon Code screen comes up, just type in "Free"



Weight Watchers is donating $100,000 to the Alliance for a Healthier Generation in honor of everyone participating in the Weight Watchers Walk-It Challenge.

AHG is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is now Weight Watchers' charity partner.  AHG's mission is to raise awareness of the devastating health effects of childhood obesity and the importance of introducing daily exercise, such as walking, into one's life in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle.


Additional Start Time - If we have enough participants, we will add an 8:30 start time.  And if we do, we will also start the packet-pick-up at 7, and add Wisconsin State Fair Park as our additional off-site parking location, with bus service directly to and from the the start area of South Shore Park.  We will know if we will utilize this by May 7th.  If we do, parking would be on one of two lots, both located near the 84th St exit to Interstate 94.  The first one is just east of the Pettit National Ice Center, closest to the freeway, on the gravel lot.  The second, their shuttle bus parking, would be in the NE corner of Wisconsin State Fair Park, adjacent to 76th St., and is just north of their RV campground.  Early plans call for shuttles every 20-25 minutes, so plan accordingly, if we do provide this service.

T-shirts - The last date we can guarantee T-shirts is April 25th.  We will make every effort to order a sufficient quantity to meet demand after that, but to be safe, those ordering after April 25th can pick-up their packet on a first-come, first-served basis.  So, either pick up your packet at one of the pre-run/walk day packet pick-up sites, or plan to get there early on May 22nd.

Training For the Walk-It

We will offer four different types of training, depending on your interests and current fitness level.  If you are interested in any of the offerings listed below, please feel free to email or just show-up for the walks, or email and either ask questions, or request an entry form for the others.

Walking: Starting April 9th and continuing until just before the Walk-It 5K, Marty's Programs will host free walks at 9 different locations, to make May 22nd that much easier.  Walks will start at 1 to 1.5 miles, (unless you're already doing more than that), and gradually build to 2 to 2.5 miles.

Location/Times are (Note: There will be a few instances where my helpers will not be able to make it because of being in out-of-town races.  We'll let you know ahead of time, when those happen.):

Saturdays 4/9-5/14 1pm - Between Schuetze Building and Rotary Building on the path at the parking lot in Frame Park, Waukesha - Dan Wendl is your host for this location

2:30pm - Lower level of pavilion at W edge of lagoon in Greenfield Park. Closest entrance is 124th Street, near Greenfield Ave. - Dan Wendl is your host for this location

Sundays 4/10-5/15 10am - In front of the main building that is now mostly the Lake Park Bistro, straight in from Newberry Blvd. at 3133 E., in Lake Park, Milwaukee - Mike Guth is your host for this location

11:45am - Joeck's Memorial Field southern parking lot, which is just east of Menomonee Park on the other side of Lannon Rd, (or County Y).  Main Street (74) intersects with Lannon Road about 1/6th of a mile south of Joeck's.  And Good Hope intersects with Lannon about 1/4 mile south of Joeck's. From the parking lot, we'll head south to the Bug Line Trail.  This is on the Eastern side of the Bug Line Trail, Menomonee Falls - Mike Guth is your host for this location

Noon - Western side of pavilion in South Shore Park, Milwaukee - Ron Caruso is your host for this location

12:45pm - 1 mile East of Interstate 94, off of County C on Borgardt Rd. (Take the Hwy 20 exit off of Interstate 94, and head north to County C) Parking lot of Haban Park, Racine - Marty Malin is your host/coordinator

1:30pm Picnic Area 1/1A in Root River Parkway, Greendale - Ron Caruso is your host for this location

2:15 pm Northern parking lot (just off of Hampton) in Estabrook Park, Shorewood - Marty Malin is your host/coordinator 

3:45am SW parking lot (just north of Teutonia entrance) of Brown Deer Park, Brown Deer - Marty Malin is your host/coordinator

Nordic Pole Walking: If you'd like to try something different, we will conduct Nordic Pole Walking (Balance Walking) sessions inside area malls starting the week of March 28th on weekday mornings, (and then take them outside to area parks after the Walk-It is over. 

NPW burns 30% more calories than regular walking.

6 weekly sessions are only $60, and include $50 poles.  We will perform various stretching and strengthening exercises, and show you the proper technique to get the most benefit out of it.  Plus, we'll have a Certified Pedorthist explain foot structure and show some NPW videos.

Tuesdays, starting March 28th 7:35 - 8:20 (Note: We had to change the start time because the mall doesn't actually open until 7:35.) Food Court entrance between Sears and Boston Store NW side of Southridge Mall;

Wednesdays, starting March 29th 6:45 - 7:30 East entrance under theatres.  Then walk down hallway to main section of mall.  We'll be stationed at the black couches on your left. Mayfair Mall; 

Note:  The following three locations/days/times have been cancelled, because of no attendance.  If you are interested in one of them, please call me at 414-453-7326, and I will be glad to once again offer it.  For the Regency Mall in Racine, we would need to have at least four participants to make it a go.

Wednesdays, starting March 29th 9:30 - 10:15 Entrance between JCPenney and Sears on NW side of Regency Mall;

Thursdays starting March 30th 8:05 - 8:50 Food Court entrance between Sears and JCPenney in Brookfield Square;

Fridays starting March 31st 6:30 - 7:15 Upper Level by Chocolate Factory, on South Side, near parking structure of Grand Avenue Mall.

Beginning Running: If you're comfortable walking, then you might want to try an Adult Beginning Running Class.  It meets for 9 weeks starting March 24th, at Hart Park in Wauwatosa, and graduation for it is the Walk-It Day 5K.  Note: If you sign-up for this program, you are automatically entered in (and don't have to sign-up for) the Walk-It 5K.

Beginning Trail Running: And finally, if you've been running for at least 4 or 5 months, you can take our Beginning Trail Running Class.  After the initial 2 hour meeting on March 30th teaches you all you need to know about trail running, you get to spend the next 6 weekends practicing everything we learned the first session.


We could always use volunteers, either on May 22, or at the packet stuffing party/packet pick-up the week of the event.

Volunteers receive the same high quality technical T-shirt as the other participants, and they also get counted in as part of their or their spouse's meeting participation rate.

If you are interested, please email Marty at: 4runners @


Pets - Bringing a pet is discouraged on May 22nd.  With the number of participants we are expecting, and especially with numerous babies and small children, in such a  small park, pets who are normally very calm and obedient, could easily get agitated and agressive.  Not only that, but with the neighboring houses being so close, we don't want to have dogs barking on a Sunday morning.  So please make other arrangements for your pet.

Weather - Although we expect the weather to be beautiful, it can be unpredictable.  Early weather forecasts don't go that far, so watch the weather reports (not yet), and be prepared to bring an light jacket, cap, or sunscreen, depending on what they say.  The event will go on, rain or shine, although we would delay the start for the safety of the participants because of nearby lightning.

Personal Listening Devices - Personal listening devices are strongly discouraged.  The course is basically an out and back, and will be near traffic at one point. Participants will be traveling at various speeds, from faster runners to slower walkers, on a narrow bicycle path.  Plus, the bicycle path is open to anyone else who wants to use it, so it is imperative that you be able to hear police, the race director (who will be leading the lead runners back on the course via bicycle), other volunteers, and other participants, if there a potential dangerous situation should arise.  No matter how quietly one has their ear buds, etc..., or only has one in one ear, they still do interfere with one's ability to hear.  It is just a fact.  It is also advisable to to limit cell phone use to when participants aren't travelling both out and back in the same areas. 

When the bike path splits just after 1.1 miles, there will be an area just past the water stop, and just off of the path, that would be convenient for cell phone use.  Enjoy looking at and being aware of your surroundings.


We will have an award for both the Open meeting and At Work meeting that has the largest participation rate, for both the Milwaukee/Racine/Kenosha territory, and the surrounding territory.

Family members of WWI members, living in the same household, who sign-up to run or walk or volunteer at the event will also be included in the participation rate.

Plus, in order to make it fair for everyone, each meeting will automatically receive 1% added to their participation rate for every 5 miles their meeting site is from South Shore Park (According to Mapquest via the most likely route.)

Morning of May 22nd

Arrival: Please plan to arrive early for the event.  45 minutes to one hour before your start time is recommended.  But if you get there earlier, you will avoid unanticipated problems. 

For instance, even though we plan to have two busses running from State Fair Park, and have them going to the Wisconsin State Fair Park every 20-25 minutes, (as they'll be running opposite each other), the Westbound construction on Interstate 94 may cause delays.  Plus, if 140 people all get to the parking area at 8:15, and one bus just left, the next bus would only be able to pick-up 1/3 of them at about 8:35, and get them to South Shore Park at about 8:45.  The next group would arrive about 9:10, but the last 1/3 would be lucky to arrive at 9:35, would have to rush to wait in line to pick-up their packets and use the bathrooms or porta-johns.

The earlier you get there, the more relaxed you will be.

Packets from Packet Pick-Up: At the packet pick-up area there will be some magic markers to mark your bib number on your bag, in case you don't want to go back to your car (particularly if your car is at Wisconsin State Fair Park).  We will have two volunteers at this area, so that it is ready for you when you have completed walking the course.  Just show your bib number after your walk, and we'll give your drop-off bag back to you.  If you are interested in volunteering in this area either before or after your run/walk, please let me know as soon as possible.

Facilities: We will have use of the entry area and lower portion of the pavilion.  Men's and Women's restrooms are located on the right, just after you walk into the building, and downstairs.  The steps are to your left.

Plus, we plan on having a number of porta-johns set-up in the picnic area near the bus drop-off point.  At most, one of these will be for men.

Child Care Area: The playground just south of the pavilion will be the designated play area.  We ask that parents that want their child supervised while they participate in the walk, volunteer starting 20 minutes before the walk they aren't participating in.

Child Games Area: The games area will be near the picnic area, and will feature a number of games.  If you have suggestions for and would like to bring those games, we would appreciate it. 

Also, near this area is where we'll have some age appropriate runs on the grass taking place around 9:10 a.m.  These runs are free, we just ask that you sign a waiver for your child beforehand.  They will each receive a finisher's ribbon upon completion.  We could even have a baby crawl!  Timing for this will allow almost everyone to cheer them on.

Other Activities:  There is a volleyball court near our picnic area.  If it is nice out, we could get some friendly games going to help burn even more points or calories.  If anyone has a volleyball they would like to bring, please let me know at

Bring your bike if you'd like to bike on the path after the 10 a.m. walk.  If you head south on the path, there are several other parks within a short distance of South Shore Park.  In fact, if you want to bike the entire Oak Leaf Trail, you could just make the entire loop around the county, and end right back where you started.  It's only 72 miles!  Seriously though, if you do plan to bike, we ask that you wait until 11:15-11:30 to start, as before that, the path will be too crowded with other participants traveling in both directions.

For a more contemplative activity, you could sit or stand near the lake, watch the waves hit the shore, or enjoy watching the birds and boats go by.

Noise: South Shore Park is surrounded by residential houses on three sides.  Please try not to be loud.  With the numbers we are expecting, if everyone were even just talking at the same time, it would be loud.  Plus, no-one would be listening.  So, only talk half of the time.

Garbage:  As a courtesy to other park patrons and volunteers, who will have to pick up the garbage afterwards, please find a nearby garbage can and place your waste in it.

Continuing After the Walk-It 5K

After you've prepared for and completed the Walk-It Challenge and Walk-It 5K, the next step is to continue exercising.

We will conduct Nordic Pole Walking (Balance Walking) sessions in various parks, both during the week, and on weekends.  NPW burns 30% more calories than regular walking.  If interested, please email for specifics.

If you enjoyed walking the Walk-It 5K, then you might want to try an Adult Beginning Running Class.  There are two session that start after the Walk-It 5K.  The first one meets for 8 Tuesdays starting May 31st, and the second one starts July 14th, and continues for 9 Thursdays.  Both meet at Hart Park in Wauwatosa, which is ideal with a tree lined bike path to block the summer heat.  Graduation for those programs is at local 5K's on July 24th and September 10th respectively.  I would be happy to send you an entry form if you email me at

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