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Mon July 6 - Sun August 30 Saint Helen, MI 48656 US



Welcome to the first ever Scrap The Sumer with Dog Scouts of America!

Session Dates: There are 2 different sessions, each 4 weeks long.

  • Session 1 – July 6-August 2
  • Session 2 – August 3-30

Cost: Participants may choose to participate in either session or both, with those electing to complete both sessions receiving a discount.

  • One 4-week session - $40
  • Complete 8-week program - $65

What participants get:

  • Either 4 or 8 weeks filled with fun and learning
  • A personalized digital photo journal filled with photos of their Scrap the Summer experiences that may be stored and shared digitally or printed in book format at the location of their choosing
  • A special patch designed just for this event, with the opportunity to purchase up to 2 additional patches when registering for the event
  • The chance to complete the steps required to earn badges, including the brand-new Disabled Dog badge (badges will still need to go through the regular badge submission process)

How it works: Each week participants will receive a schedule of activities in the categories of walking/hiking, skills to teach their dog(s), games to play, enrich the mind, reflection and crafts. Participants may choose to complete all of the activities or they may pick those that appeal to them the most. The program is geared to dogs of all levels, with skills appropriate for the beginner dog as well as advanced skills for dogs with lots of experience.

Along with the weekly schedule, participants will get instructions for all activities so that they can confidently teach their dog(s) new skills and have all the information needed to play the games and complete all other activities. Videos will also be supplied for special skills. We will also provide links for those who want to explore a topic in more depth. The activity schedule is easy to use and understand.

Race Contact Info

If you have any questions about this race, click the button below.

Personalized Digital Photo Journal

Each registered participant will receive a personalized digital photo journal filled with photos of their Scrap the Summer experiences that may be stored and shared digitally or printed in book format at the location of their choosing

Each week participants will be asked to send us a specific number of photos. These photos will be inserted into our photo journal designed just for this event. The end result is a personalized digital scrapbook that participants are free to use or share as they would like.

Weekly Activities

There is something for everyone. Activities can be adjusted to the skill level of the dog or the time the participant has available that week. If an activity is skipped in any week the participant can return to complete it in subsequent weeks, months or even years.

Each week will include activities in each of these categories:

ShinRin-Yoku Walks or Hikes -We’ll introduce new ways to think about how participants take walks with their dog(s). When practicing the Japanese concept of ShinRin-Yoku, the experience is the goal rather than the mileage traveled. Sometimes we’ll give participants the opportunity to take a more traditional hike. Both ShinRin-Yoku walks and traditional hikes provide an opportunity to practice skills or complete other assigned tasks for the week. We recommend that walks are completed daily

Skills to Teach – Each week we’ll have a list of skills that participants can teach to their dog(s). Some skills will be repeats for some dogs and if that’s the case the participant can review the skill as it may be the basis for something more difficult to come in subsequent weeks. We’ll give directions on how to teach each skill as well as ways to increase the difficulty for more basic skills. The skills we’ve included will allow participants to complete requirements for various badges if they are mastered correctly.

Games to Play – There will be a variety of games that participants can play with their dogs. Most of our games are new and are likely not games that the dog has played before. All of the games provide opportunities to apply the dog’s skills in different ways. Some games are building blocks for games to come in subsequent weeks. Some are simply fun ways participants can spend time with their dogs. One game that repeats each week is the “leave it” challenge. Each week the challenge becomes more difficult and if mastered each week for 8 weeks will result in a pretty amazing trick!

Enrich the Mind – Activities that fall in this category are provided so that participants can learn about different topics that may be requirements for badges, including the human requirements for our new Disabled Dog badge. Some activities we provide, like puzzles, are simply ways for people to take a few minutes for themselves and explore our weekly theme in a fun way.

Reflection – The activities in this category are inventive and fun and allow participants to explore their own experiences with their dog(s) and with the program. And some allow for reflection on the participants journey so far with their dog(s).

Crafts – The crafts we provide are simple and fun and allow for an opportunity for a creative outlet. All crafts require things that participants are very likely to already have in their homes. Our crafts are not intended to take a lot of time and can be adapted to the participant’s liking or to accommodate any supplies the participant has available or can easily purchase locally.

About Dog Scouts of America

Dog Scouts of America (DSA) was established in 1995. It is a non-profit organization with people dedicated to enriching their dog’s lives and the lives of others with dogs. Founder Lonnie Olson has made it her life’s ambition to experience as many dog sports and skills as possible with her dogs.

If you believe that dogs really enjoy learning new things and spending time with their owners, you’re our kind of dog person. Dogs were not meant to be "furniture." Working dogs want to work. Without having an acceptable activity in which to use up all of the energy that comes "built-in" with a dog, our canine companions often get into trouble.

By better understanding how your dog thinks, how he learns, and what drives his behavior, and by participating in a variety of dog sports and activities, you will become a more responsible dog owner.

We hope to prevent misunderstandings, communication failures, and behavioral problems which often lead to dogs being given up as a "lost cause."

Dog Scouts have the opportunity to earn many different badges and titles, especially for hiking and backpacking. 

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