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12 Days of Christmas Virtual Run/Walk Challenge **New Challenges this Year!**

Fri November 25 - Sat December 31


New challenges this year!!

Anywhere from Thanksgiving Day to New Years Eve (Nov. 25 - Dec. 31, 2021) complete 12 days of running with specific mileage, while conquering holiday-themed challenges. THE 12 DAYS OF RUNNING/WALKING DO NOT NEED TO BE CONSECUTIVE, and YOU CAN COMPLETE THEM IN ANY ORDER THAT YOU WANT.

All proceeds will go toward the host city's (Bigfork, MN) local toy/Christmas gift drive.

There will be a reward for the overall fastest time (for the total 12 days), and the overall most creative pictures. Picture proof and/or finishing time must be submitted if you want to be a part of that competition.

Race times and pictures can be submitted every day, or just once at the end of your challenges. You can submit to, or to our Facebook page:

Race t-shirts (long sleeved) can be purchased for an additional cost.


(You can improvise as needed! It is meant to be fun-- not to follow super strict guidelines.)

Challenge 1- We triple dog dare you to wear as many winter layers as you can like Ralphie on Christmas Story and run one mile.

Challenge 2- Ahhhh!!!! You left your child HOME ALONE and you’re at the airport! Run 2 miles as quickly as you can with a suitcase behind you.

Challenge 3- At the start, finish, and every mile in between, stop & build your best Frosty the Snowman.

Challenge 4- Channel your inner Charlie Brown and find a tree on your 4-mile route to hang some ornaments.

Challenge 5- The Nutcracker is a popular ballet. Bring some nuts on your run and crack them every 5 miles. Please don’t use the anatomical kind. ;)

Challenge 6- Welcome to the party, pal! Die Hard is a great Christmas movie. Shout your favorite line from the movie every mile or at every passerby. Never seen it before? Your homework is to watch it beforehand. Yippee Ki YaY! 

Challenge 7- Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house you go…it’s 7 miles as you’re dressed as twins, like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, from the 1992 Classic “To Grandmother’s House We Go.”

Challenge 8- Time for a sleigh ride…just kidding, only a sled ride. Grab your favorite sled and haul it on your 8 mile run. Find a hill and sled down it 8 times. 

Challenge 9- It’s Christmas Vacation Chevy Chase is drooling over the woman in the pool. Show off your amazing body in your favorite Hawaiian attire for 9 miles. 

Challenge 10- Pick your top 10 Christmas carols and sing one for each mile. Bonus points if you play the music too.

Challenge 11- Pick your outfit of choice: Elf on a Shelf or Snoop (as in Snoop Dogg) on a Stoop. Pose and dress accordingly. 

Challenge 12- Pick your favorite wiseman and don the right attire. Bonus points if you have the right accessories and the gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Challenges in Poem Form

1- I won’t triple dog dare you

To lick a flag pole,

But to complete the first challenge,

Here is your goal:

Dress up in many layers

Like Ralphie from a Christmas story

Run one mile all bundled up.

If you get sweaty, I’m not sorry.

2- On the 2nd day of Christmas

My race host made me drag

And run in Home Alone’s 

Airport scene with a bag 

3- What has 3 balls 

And two black eyes?

Frosty the Snowman,

And he comes in any size!

Build him after miles

1, 2, and 3.

Don’t have any snow?

Use some rolls of TP

4- On the 4th day of Christmas

My race host made me see

And run 4 miles to decorate 

A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

5- Squirrels like nuts

And so do we

Bring some on your 5 mile run

And crush them merrily

6- On the 6th day of Christmas

My race host made me say

A line from Die Hard

Shout Yippee Ki Yay!

7- Over the river and through the woods

To grandmother’s house we go

Grab a friend and dress as twins

And frolic 7 miles through the snow

8- On the 8th day of Christmas

My race host said it’s lovely weather

For 8 miles of a sleigh ride together

Just kidding, sled down some hills

9- Baby, it may be cold outside,

But we’re going to run 9 miles and dress 

In skimpy Hawaiian beach attire

And put your goosebumps to the test!


10- On the 10th day of Christmas

My race host said pick out

10 Christmas Carols

To run & sing & shout

11- Fo’ shizzle,

You can be Snoop on a Stoop

Or Elf on a Shelf

As your run an 11 mile loop

Because I’ve got my mind on my Christmas

And my Christmas on my mind

Dress up, pose, and spread some cheer

And forget the daily grind

12- On the 12th day of Christmas

My race host said to be sure

To dress as a wiseman

And carry some myrrh



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