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Michael C. Tramble Memorial Scholarship Fund Virtual Race

Thu August 25 - Fri September 9 St. Louis, MO 63105 US


For more than a century, AT has forged long-term relationships with clients large and small around the globe. Since our founding in 1901, we have grown to be one of the 200 largest law firms in the U.S., with 12 offices nationwide and an international office in London, England. The virtual race format allows racers to run or walk whatever route they would prefer and at their convenience. For registrants who reside near one of our offices, our suggested 5K routes for the following locations can be found at the following links. Registrants who reside elsewhere or who have selected shorter or longer distances are encouraged to find a new route of their choice!


Boston, MA

  • Route: Boston 5K
  • Length: 3.09 miles
  • Start: Boston Common


    • Directions:
      • Start at the corner of Tremont Street and Park Street, and head south on Tremont Street.
      • Turn right at the end of Boston Common onto Boylston Street.
      • Turn right onto Arlington Street to run along Public Garden.
      • Cross Beacon Street to the Arthur Fiedler footbridge.
      • Take the footbridge northwest toward the river and take the Dr. Paul Dudley White Bike Path.
      • Turn right onto the Esplanade Cycling and Trekking Path.
      • Continue along the path alongside the Charles River Esplanade and take it through Lederman Park.
      • At the end of Lederman Park, take the path onto Blossom Street.
      • Turn left onto Emerson Place.
      • Take the Thoreau Path through the park, heading first east and then southeast.
      • Follow the Thoreau Path south onto William Cardinal O’Connell Way.
      • Turn right onto Staniford Street, take a left onto Cambridge Street, and turn right onto Bowdoin Street.
      • Turn right onto Beacon Street.
      • Turn left onto Park Street and finish at Tremont Street.  

Denver, CO

    • Route: City Park Perimeter
    • Trail Length: 3.00 miles
    • Start: City Park

      • Directions:
        • Start on Perimeter Trail and do the City Park loop.

Edwardsville, IL

  • Length: 3.04 miles
  • Start: St. Mary’s


    • Directions:
      • Start at St. Mary’s at Madison Avenue and Notre Dame Avenue.
      • Head south on Madison Avenue.
      • Turn left on Governors Parkway.
      • Turn left on Gerber Road.
      • Follow Gerber Road north.
      • Turn left on E Franklin Avenue.
      • Turn left on Madison Avenue.
      • Finish at St. Mary’s.

Jefferson City, MO

  • Route: Riverfront
  • Length: 3.1 miles
  • Start: Capital Lawn


    • Directions:
      • Start on the south corner of Capital Lawn at Jefferson Street and W High Street.
      • Head southeast on W High Street.
      • Turn left on Riverside Drive.
      • Turn left on East Capitol Drive and continue northwest.
      • Run around the Capitol.
      • Turn left on Broadway Street.
      • Turn left on West High Street.

Kansas City, MO

  • Route: Riverfront Heritage Trail
  • Length: 3.06 miles
  • Start: Riverfront Heritage Trail near Heart of America Bridge

    • Directions:
      • Start on Berkley Parkway/E Front Street near the Heart of America Bridge.
      • Get on the Riverfront Heritage Trail and turn left, heading southwest.
      • Follow the Riverfront Heritage Trail south and make a U-turn at the Town of Kansas Observation Deck.
      • Head north on the Riverfront Heritage Trail.
      • Past the Heart of America Bridge, head north on the Riverfront Heritage Trail.
      • Follow the Riverfront Heritage Trail north until it ends just past Highway 29.
      • Make a U-turn and take the first left on the trail, heading east.
      • Take the trail around to E Front Street.
      • Head south on E Front Street until arriving back at the start.

Las Vegas, NV

  • Route: Convention Center Run
  • Length: 3.12 miles
  • Start: Paradise Road and Desert Inn Road


    • Directions:
      • Start at the intersection of Paradise Road and Desert Inn Road.
      • Head south on Paradise Road.
      • Turn right onto Sands Avenue.
      • Turn right onto South Las Vegas Boulevard.
      • Turn right onto Elvis Presley Boulevard.
      • Turn right onto Paradise Road.
      • End at Desert Inn Road.

London, UK

  • Route: Hyde Park
  • Length: 3.08 miles
  • Start: Bayswater Road and Kensington Palace Gardens


    • Directions:
      • Start at the corner of Bayswater Road and Kensington Palace Gardens.
      • Head south on Kensington Palace Gardens.
      • Turn left onto Kensington High Street.
      • Turn left onto W Carriage Drive and go through Hyde Park.
      • Turn left onto Bayswater Road.
      • Follow Bayswater Road back to the start.

New York, NY

  • Route: Prospect Park Loop
  • Length: 3.01 miles
  • Start: Grand Army Plaza


    • Directions:
      • Start at Grand Army Plaza under the Soldiers and Sailors Monument.
      • Head south on East Drive.
      • Cross the road at the crosswalk to continue on the trail. Continue south near the Sea Lion Pool.
      • Follow that path and cross over the covered bridge, then turn left just past the covered bridge.
      • Turn right just before the boathouse to run alongside the lake.
      • Continue south and then turn left to head toward the Concert Grove Pavilion.
      • Run around Concert Grove Pavilion and then head back toward the lake.
      • Continue west and cross the lake on the Lullwater Bridge.
      • After the bridge, keep left at the fork, then take the first right.
      • Continue straight and turn left at Center Drive.
      • Go south on Center Drive, and loop around Center Drive going north at the point where Center Drive merges into one street.
      • Take the first left past Fallkill Falls.
      • Turn right onto West Drive.
      • Continue on West Drive until you arrive back at Grand Army Plaza.

Philadelphia, PA

  • Route: 5K University City/Rittenhouse Square
  • Length: 3.09 miles
  • Start: Rittenhouse Square


    • Directions:
      • Start on the south end of Rittenhouse Square, and head west on Rittenhouse Square street.
      • Turn right to take a path through Rittenhouse Square, running on an internal path along the west side of the square.
      • Exit the square at the corner of Walnut Street and W Rittenhouse Square, and head west on Walnut Street.
      • Continue west on Walnut Street and, just before the river, take a left onto the Schuykill River Trail.
      • Head south on the trail and at the fork, take a slight right onto the Schuykill Banks Boardwalk.
      • Keep left on the Boardwalk to go onto South Street.
      • Turn left onto South Street.
      • Turn right onto S 33rd
      • Turn right onto Chestnut Street.
      • Continue east on Chestnut Street and turn right onto S 18th
      • Turn right onto Rittenhouse Square and finish at the start.

Princeton, NJ

  • Route: Riverside-Nassau
  • Length: 3.1 miles
  • Start: Corner of Prospect and Riverside


    • Directions:
      • Start at the corner of Prospect and Riverside, and go northwest on Riverside.
      • Turn left at Highway 27.
      • Continue on Highway 27 and turn left at Elm Drive.
      • Turn left onto McCosh Walk.
      • Turn right onto Chapel Drive.
      • Take the path toward Prospect Gardens and run through Prospect Gardens.
      • Continue straight on the path and turn left at Washington Road.
      • Turn right onto Prospect Road and finish at Riverside.

Salt Lake City, UT

  • Route: Sugar House Park Loop
  • Length: 3.22 miles
  • Start: Sugar House Park near the Big Field Pavilion


    • Directions:
      • Start in the middle of Sugar House Park on the road near the Big Field Pavilion.
      • Head west on the road and turn left to head south in the park.
      • Take a right onto Parleys Trail and head south on the trail.
      • Follow Parleys Trail around the perimeter of the park.
      • Turn left onto South 17th
      • Turn left onto 2100 South.
      • Continue on 2100 South and turn left in the third entrance to the park.
      • Take a left in the park to head east.
      • Turn right at the end of the road and head south.
      • Cross Parleys Creek and turn right toward Parleys Creek Pavilion.
      • Run around the playground and near Fabian Lakeside Pavilion.
      • Turn right back onto the road.
      • Turn right on the road just past the lake and finish back near the Big Field Pavilion.

St. Louis

  • Route: Forest Park 5K
  • Length: 3.1 miles
  • Start: Forest Park Visitor Center


    • Directions:
      • Start at the Forest Park Visitor Center.
      • Head east on the gravel trail just north of Grand Drive.
      • Follow the gravel path around, taking a right when the trail forks right.
      • Continue straight onto Wells Drive.
      • Head west on the trail at Macklind Drive and Wells Drive.
      • Follow the trail west on Concourse Drive.
      • Follow the trail north off of Concourse Drive.
      • Follow the trail over Government Drive, around Post-Dispatch Lake, through Picnic Island, and east of Grand Basin.
      • Take a right onto Lagoon Drive and continue east on Grand Drive until you reach the start.

Wilmington, DE

  • Route: Brandywine Park
  • Length: 3.01 miles
  • Start: Clayton-Delaware Ave-16th Street


    • Directions:
      • Start at the corner of Clayton Street, Delaware Avenue, and 16th
      • Head northeast on Clayton Street.
      • Continue straight through Conaty Park, across Lovering Avenue, and into Brandywine Park.
      • Turn right when the trail forks to run along Brandywine Creek.
      • Follow the trail around Brandywine Creek, turning left at Market, and following the trail on the other side of Brandywine Creek.
      • When the trail ends, continue along North Park Drive, heading northwest.
      • Follow North Park Drive until the trail appears at the end of Brandwine Park.
      • Take the trail across Brandywine Creek and head back through Conaty Park.
      • Turn right onto Gilpin Avenue.
      • Turn left on Scott Street.
      • Turn left on Delaware Avenue.
      • End at Dupont and Delaware.

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