Team Taylor Ham vs Team Pork Roll - Which Side are you?
Oct 1 - Dec 1

Dine n Dash Start 3: Taylor Ham/Pork Roll Grilled Cheese - 50 Miles

Sorry! This event is full.

Get 1 Shirt 👕 & 1 🏅 ! Run 50 Miles in 62 days (~0.8 mile/day average)
Oct 1 - Dec 1

Dine n Dash Start 3: Taylor Ham/Pork Roll Omelette - 100 Miles

Sorry! This event is full.

Get 1 Shirt 👕 & 1 🏅 ! Run 100 Miles in 62 days (~1.6 mile/day average)
Oct 1 - Dec 1

Dine n Dash Start 3: Taylor Ham/Pork Roll Egg and Cheese Sandwich - 200 Miles

Sorry! This event is full.

Get 1 Shirt 👕 & 1 🏅 ! Run 200 Miles in 62 days (~3.2 mile/day average)
Oct 1 - Dec 1

Dine n Dash Start 3: Taylor Ham/Pork Roll Burger - 300 Miles

Sorry! This event is full.

Get 1 Shirt 👕 & 1 🏅 ! Run 300 Miles in 62 days (~4.8 mile/day average)
Oct 1 - Dec 1

Dine n Dash Start 3: Taylor Ham/Pork Roll Meatball Sub - RELAY EVENT

Sorry! This event is full.

Get 1 Shirt 👕 & 1 🏅 EACH!! CREATE A TEAM and Run for 62 days - Teams will be scored by total distance so see who can go the farthest! 
Medals & Shirts

HUGE Custom 4 inch Medals with a Spinner to show your choice in the Taylor Ham vs Pork Roll Debate!  

Final Picture coming soon!! 


LongSleeve Soft Cotton Shirts

Pics Coming Soon!


Anywhere in the world!

From the team who brought you the New Jersey Virtual Challenge and the Run the North East Corridor Challenge comes another great event to keep you going.  CompuScore Productions presents to you The New Jersey Diner Tour Virtual Challenge. We have heard all of your reviews and requests so we have created a new Challenge! NJ is known as the Diner Capital of the world with over 500 diners calling us home! Which one is your favorite Diner? 

NJ Diners wouldn't be complete without some Taylor Ham, oh wait, do you call it Pork Roll? Welcome to the Great Debate! What side of the Taylor Ham vs Pork Roll Debate are you on?  Choose your team wisely! All individuals registering will choose which side of the debate they are on!  We will compare the times of each side to see who is faster, Taylor Ham or Pork Roll! What Team are you?

#TeamTaylorHamNJ or #TeamPorkRollNJ

Distances to choose from include 50 miles, 100 miles, 200 miles, 300 miles, or the Relay. 

You will have 62 days from the Dine n Dash Start Date you choose to complete the total miles.  You can run or walk anywhere you want, inside or outside as long as you log the miles. You do not have to run or walk each day, you just have to finish the total distance in 62 days. You will be sent a reminder each day to log your distances as well as daily updates with your location and cumulative distance logged.  You will also see how you place among the other participants daily.

Dine n Dash Start 1: Sep 1 - Nov 1
Dine n Dash Start 2: Sep 15 - Nov 15 
Dine n Dash Start 3: Oct 1 - Dec 1 

All Participants will receive a shirt and a medal once they complete the event distance. All mileage must be submitted into the website to record each day or each time you complete a daily mileage. All Relay participants must register individually and will receive 1 shirt and medal each.  

**Disclaimer: Please do not run on unsafe roads, or areas that have been closed off to the public.  Practice social distancing and any other requirements set forth by local, state and federal guidelines.  This is a virtual run only, please do not gather as a crowd in any 1 location at the same time.  Shirts and medals will be mailed starting around October 20 2020.


Create a Relay Team and combine your miles to Run/Walk the tour.  The team that goes the furthest, Wins!!  



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CompuScore: https://www.facebook.com/CompuScore 
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Discounts and Referrals!

Referrals Individual Events

When you register for an individual event, you will get a link to distribute and gain referrals.  If you get 5 people to register using your link, you will get a $10 discount.  They must use your link to register or the referral will not count. Spread the word!! 
*Referrals can not be combined with other discounts.

Family Discount Individual Events

Registering 4 or more at once? A $5 discount per person will automatically be applied!  Not Eligible during the first week registration is open at $40 each. Valid after 9/1/2020


5 Registrants per team get a $5 discount per person, 10 Registrants per team get a $10 discount per person. Once the 5th and 10th person registers, the previous registrants will get a $5 refund. 

Fulfill, formerly The FoodBank of Monmouth & Ocean Counties, is doing more than ever to change lives in our communities for the better. Their mission is to alleviate hunger and build food security in Monmouth & Ocean Counties and to make sure that all people at all times have access to enough nutritious food to maintain an active and healthy life.

Since the start of the pandemic, Fulfill has seen more than a 40 percent increase in the demand for food. People who never have had to rely on foodbanks find themselves in line for food at their local pantries. With unemployment continuing to rise as businesses close and restaurants remain shuttered, we expect the need to only further grow. Fulfill has already provided an additional 2.2 million more meals than during the same period last year. Today, Fulfill serves 215,000 people throughout Ocean and Monmouth Counties, including 70,000 children.

To help meet the demand for food during the COVID-19 crisis, Fulfill partnered with restaurants at the Jersey Shore. Local restaurants box single meals and Fulfill pays the restaurants a $5 per meal stipend. The process keeps restaurant employees working, while feeding those in need. Fulfill has provided 200,000 meals through our Restaurant Partnership Program since the onset of the pandemic through a network of more than 30 local restaurants. The Restaurant Partnership Program specifically helped fill the gap at schools when they had to close. Children in the Belmar, Keansburg, Asbury Park, Toms River, Lakehurst, Freehold Borough, and Keansburg school districts were among those to receive nourishing meals. Seniors and veterans at risk of hunger also received meals.


Fulfill is doing everything possible to make sure no one goes hungry in Monmouth & Ocean Counties due to the pandemic, but they need our help more than ever. For more information, please visit fulfillnj.org 

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