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Sun May 30, 2021



You don't have to be fast, you just have to be hungry!


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Simple Does Not Equal Easy

Join Columbus Running Company virtually at 12:00 PM EDT on Sunday, May 30, 2021, for the Find Your Limit Virtual 1/4-Mile Challenge - HOT DOG EDITION and find out what you're made of (probably hot dogs, let's be honest). This isn't your standard running event. Not. Even. Close. Somewhat similar in concept to our Find Your Limit Virtual Mile Challenge, here we're taking some things (running a quarter-mile and eating a hot dog) that seem pretty simple and making it progressively more difficult (doing both every 5 minutes). 

The Find Your Limit Virtual 1/4-Mile Challenge - HOT DOG EDITION is a "last person standing" event designed to stretch your limits mentally, physically, and also the limits of your stomach. The premise is this: every 5 minutes we start a new quarter-mile "race". If you've completed the prior "race" in under 5 minutes, you get to continue. Each "race" consists of two parts: 1) eat a hot dog (WITH BUN), and then immediately after that, 2) go run/walk a quarter-mile. The challenge continues with repeated 5-minute-limit races until there is only one participant remaining. The final runner must be at their start line and complete the final "race" to be the Find Your Limit Virtual 1/4-Mile Challenge - HOT DOG EDITION Champion. How far can you go before your mind, legs, or stomach says "STOP"? 

When does the event end? This event begins at 12 PM and ends once we have only one competitor remaining. If you're in a different time zone, you still start when we start. Plan accordingly! All event times and pre-race meeting times are listed EDT! 

Full event rules are below in the "Everything You Need To Know (We Think)" section. They're simple, but they are required. Read them, know them, live them on race day.

Challenge Contact Info

If you have any questions about this challenge, click the button below.

Everything you need to know (we think)

This competition involves components of measurement (distance, time, and hot dogs) and comparison. Since this is a virtual event that we're all doing "together," we've got some technology requirements to ensure the fairest event. We think we've answered most of the questions you might have about the event details below, but if not: shoot us a note using the 'Questions?' button above.

Before Race Day

  • Register for this event
  • Measure out your own 1/4-mile course (unless you're running on a treadmill, of course, which is fine!).
  • You must have the Zoom app on your phone or computer. This is how we'll be "together" on race day!
  • Prepare your setup
    • Charge your GPS device (watch/phone)
    • Make sure the device you're planning to use for the Zoom call (computer/iPad/phone) is both charged and has the ability to be plugged in
    • Buy some hot dogs and buns
  • Prepare for the challenge
    • Create a setup that enables you to seamlessly move between eating tons of dogs and running a bunch of quarter-miles. Don't complicate things for yourself!
    • Maybe have a trash can nearby?

Race Day

  • Double-check your technology setup and your dog/run setup as discussed above
  • For the event, re-name yourself on Zoom as FIRST_NAME LAST_NAME BIB# (we'll send you your bib number the day before the event so you have it)
  • Log in to the Zoom meeting at least 15 minutes prior to the 12p EDT event start time. This will enable organizers to check you in, you can fine-tune your camera setup, and you’ll get all the pre-race instructions from race staff. 
  • Please note: you will be muted on entry to the Zoom meeting. If you have questions for the event staff, please use the chat feature in Zoom or temporarily unmute yourself. Once the number of competitors has been significantly reduced, we will allow participants to mute/unmute at their discretion. A many-person Zoom meeting unmuted is chaos, let's be sure the only chaos involves hot dogs and running!
  • There will be a repeating 5-minute countdown clock visible and pinned on the Zoom chat, this is the official race clock!
  • We begin the race at 12p EDT on the nose. You’ll eat your first dog and then head out for your first quarter-mile (or begin on the treadmill if that’s your thing), returning back to your stationary camera setup at the completion of your quarter-mile.
  • You must complete each quarter-mile and report your time by the end of each five-minute period (will be visible on the Zoom meeting)
  • You must check-in at the completion of each quarter-mile using the Zoom chat function in the following format: "[lap time]" Example, typing "2:45" - we'll get your name and bib# from your Zoom name. Please note: you're recording and reporting your quarter-mile time only. Total running time will be the tie-breaker if there are two or more "winners" with the same number of dogs eaten.
  • We know that technology sometimes has glitches. If you experience one, know that you can miss up to ONE check-in. Two missed time check-ins for any reason will result in disqualification.
  • If you drop out and/or do not complete a quarter-mile segment (or a hot dog), please confirm with race staff in the Zoom chat so we know you are done and can remove you from the list of active participants being monitored
  • Wait for the next start time to begin your next dog. Each repeat will start when the clock hits 0:00


  • Do I have to be on camera when each mile begins? The short answer is "yes". We want to see everyone chowing down on those hot dogs, that's part of the fun! Once your dog is downed, you can begin your quarter-mile (and go off-camera). You MUST begin eating the dog (WITH BUN!) when the 5-minute period begins. Failure to do so can result in disqualification.
  • Do I have to carry the Zoom meeting with me on my run? NO! You do have to start each mile on-camera and check-in each quarter-mile in the Zoom meeting chat, but we DO NOT recommend taking the meeting with you on your phone while you run. Your battery will be crushed, you'll eat a ton of data, and we don't want to watch you sweat or listen to you breathe (just eat). Set up your Zoom meeting at your kitchen table, coffee table, garage, etc., and have it plugged in and ready at all times.
  • Do I have to keep my video on while I'm out running? No! You can, but don't have to. After you eat your dog, feel free to disable your video until you return. Just make sure you're on camera for the start of the next dog and you're good to go.
  • Is it okay if I started a few seconds early/late? In short, "no". Things are going to move very quickly, there's no time to spare! When the clock strikes 0:00, it's time to get going on that hot dog. Too early or too late and you will be disqualified. You're an adult, you know what we're saying here. Don't cheat the system, be a fair competitor, play nice, and have fun. Thanks!
  • I'm running with a GPS, is it okay if my GPS device records 0.24 miles or 0.26 miles instead of 0.25 on the nose? Yes. We're not verifying distance, we're trusting that you did what you said you did. Do your best, be honest, and let's have some FUN with this!
  • Can I just eat four hot dogs at once and then run one mile? That's a hard "no," super chief. Each hot dog and quarter-mile must be completed separately, in order, and you must check-in/rest until the next 5-minute period begins as shown on the countdown clock.
  • We have two (or more) in our household participating, do we need a Zoom profile for each participant? No. If you have multiple people participating together (ie, family members, or friends that are practicing proper social distancing per your area's guidelines), one Zoom meeting is fine. Please let race staff know when you first check-in to be aware that multiple bibs will be coming from one chat, and list times with your racer's initials next to them so we know how to do the math properly.

Tips for a smooth race experience

  • Buy a lot of hot dogs and buns, you're gonna need 'em
  • Use any remaining clock time to catch your breath, it's hard to eat when breathing heavily
  • Have everything set and ready to go (hot dogs in buns, water/beverage, trash can, Zoom device). All you want to think about for the duration of the event is eating and running, not "where did I put my ketchup?"
  • If you enjoy running with music, we recommend Weird Al's "Eat It" on repeat
  • Have fun and be smart, but...
  • if you're going to be stupid, make sure to do it on-camera, please!

How do I win?

  • Start a fresh hot dog with bun every 5 minutes and then run a quarter-mile as instructed
  • Complete said dog and quarter-mile within the appropriate time frame
  • Repeat ad nauseum (probably literally) until there is only one person remaining
  • We'll have prizes for the top three finishers. Third place gets a pack of hot dogs (to replenish your stock!). Second place gets a pack of hot dogs and a CRC "Suns Out Guns Out" tank. First place gets a pack of hot dogs and a pair of Mizuno shoes (that CRC carries).

How does my race end?

  • If you do not start a hot dog when the clock hits 0:00, your challenge has ended
  • If you do not finish your quarter-mile and check-in by the time the 5-minute countdown clock resets, your challenge has ended
  • If you lose a hot dog unconventionally (ie, vomiting), your challenge has ended
  • If you miss two check-ins (tech happens, we get it), you will be informed by staff that your challenge has ended

Timeline (remember, all times are EDT - plan accordingly)

  • Sunday, May 30 - 11:15 AM EDT - Runners can log in to the race day Zoom meeting. Details will be provided via email during race week (probably Saturday morning)
  • Sunday, May 30 - 11:45 AM EDT - Pre-race meeting (don't be late!)
  • Sunday, May 30 - 12:00 PM EDT - The first dog chow and quarter-mile "race" begins

Swag and pickup

Signing up for this ridiculousness earns you the undying respect of your peers, and also this soft-sided mini-cooler to fit a 6-pack of your favorite post-challenge hydration.

Pick up your cooler at a Columbus Running Company location that you choose during your registration process and will be held on Friday, May 28, 2021 (10a-8p), Saturday, May 29, 2021 (10a-6p), or Sunday, May 30 (12p-4p). Please note that you must pick up at the location selected during registration or make arrangements to have your cooler transferred! Quantities are limited. 

Shipping is also available for those who can't make it to a CRC for pickup. Shipped items will go out on June 1, 2021.

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