The 4-8-12! (Hour Challenge)

Mon June 1 - Tue June 30
It's "just" four hours!

The 4 Hour Challenge

Merely 2x the 4 hour event!

The 8 Hour Challenge

An easy half day of work!

The 12 Hour Challenge

Anywhere! A trail, a treadmill (barf), your neighborhood, the track! Doesn't matter. This is your run, make it so!

We're continuing our free virtual races and for the month of June we're challenging you all to run/walk 4, 8, or 12 hours. For the overwhelming majority of us, this is completely new territory and that's okay! This is a great time to try new things! Last month we asked you to race a mile, now we're asking you to run/walk a LOT of miles. So get out of your comfort zone and choose a length of time you think you can accomplish and go for it!

We want to give some smart tips though!

1) Don't put yourself in a position to get injured. Running or walking 4, 8, or 12 hours is a HUGE task and one you shouldn't take lightly. Most of us aren't ultra runners and thus we implore you to take this challenge responsibly.

2) June is HOT! Even if you started at 5am for the 8 hour challenge you'd be wrapping up at 1PM! That's likely to mean you'll be running for hours in some serious heat. Please factor in the length of your run/walk with the weather and make good decisions.

3) Use a support crew and/or use a loop course that offers numerous abilities to get fluids, food, and restrooms. E.g., ARP founder Brandon is going to attempt the 12 hour run and will be utilizing a 2 mile loop. This route has a bathroom and aid station every 2 miles. He's also planning on running through the night to avoid the heat (see point 2).

4) Make smart choices. If the day comes and you're 6 hours in and not feeling it, that's okay, you can bail. We're not encouraging you to bail when the going gets tough because we want you all to test what you're made of, but you also need to be smart and know your body. If you feel bad, something really aches, or you're just not really having a good time, then stop. This is supposed to be fun and to try something new, make sure you're being smart!

5) Like we just said in point four, have a good time! That's what it's all about! 

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