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9th Annual Rotary Triathlon (Draft)

Sat September 23, 2023 Arusha, NA TZ
This Race is in Draft Mode

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UWC East Africa Arusha Campus
Arusha, TZ NA


The Rotary Triathlon will take place on 23rd September, 2023 at the UWC East Africa Arusha campus.


Participate in one of Arusha’s most anticipated sporting events of the year, and assist Rotary Club of Arusha West Side to promote health, education, and sustainability in our community.

This year’s event boasts five different distance races and features both olympic and international sprint distance events. 

Each event offers male, female, and relay categories, and all 2023 events are open to any age participant. Relay teams may consist of as many members as there are legs of the event. Prizes will be awarded in fixed age group divisions only, as listed below.


Triathlon Events

  • Pink: swim 50m, cycle 1.5K, run 500m
    • solo 30,000 | relay 90,000
    • prize categories U8 & U10
  • Blue: swim 200m, cycle 4K, run 2K
    • solo 40,000 | relay 120,000
    • prize categories U10 & U14
  • Purple | Super Sprint: swim 400m, cycle 10K, run 5K
    • solo 50,000 | relay 150,000
    • prize categories U18, open, & O50
  • Green | International Sprint: swim 750m, cycle 20K, run 5K
    • solo 60,000 | relay 180,000
    • prize categories open & O50
  • Orange | Olympic Distance: swim 1.5K, cycle 40K, run 10K
    • solo 80,000 | relay 160,000
    • prize categories open & O50

Duathlon Events

  • Pink: cycle 1.5K, run 500m
    • solo 30,000 | relay 60,000
    • prize categories U8 & U10
  • Blue: cycle 4K, run 2K
    • solo 40,000 | relay 80,000
    • prize categories U10 & U14
  • Purple: cycle 10K, run 5K
    • solo 50,000 | relay 100,000
    • prize categories U18, open, & O50
  • Green: cycle 20K, run 5K
    • solo 60,000 | relay 120,000
    • prize categories open & O50
  • Orange: run 10K, cycle 40K, run 5K
    • solo 80,000 | relay 160,000
    • prize categories open & O50


How to Register:

Click the link to go to the registration page.
You can register multiple participants for any number of events, by selecting races and filling in a few personal details. Digitally sign the liability waiver.
Creating relay teams.
Each relay team should select just one representative to register the team on your behalf. Your representative will create a team name and provide the name, gender, birthdate, tshirt size, and discipline (swim/cycle/run) of each member, as well as expected swim time to assist us with creating heats. The other team members need not register online.
Complete the online registration process.
You will receive an email confirmation and a downloadable PDF once you have registered. [If you do NOT receive the confirmation email, you have not completed the registration process successfully.] Please save this email / PDF as it will be required for you to make payment — and the QR code will also make packet pickup a speedier process on the day of the event!
Pay in advance at the UWC Arusha office or on-site at the triathlon.
To pay, please bring your confirmation email to school between 8:00 and 16:30, Mon-Fri. Email the race director if you have any questions.

In addition to races, there will be food vendors and drinks, music, and kids' activities. The festivities begin at 6:30am, and the entire day is fun for all ages!

Members of the triathlon committee will set up on Friday afternoon. You are welcome to come and have a look at the transition area and ask questions about the routes at that time. 

Packet pickup will require check-in on Saturday morning. Please check-in as soon as you arrive (with your QR code).

You MUST be at your event 1 HOUR BEFORE your estimated heat time. We will begin each heat at the earliest opportunity; if you are not there you may miss your race.  

Prizes and results will be given in two waves: The first once the earliest morning races are completed and another for the late morning races. 

All courses will be well marked with chalk, and there will be marshals at main junctions.
SWIM: The swim will take place in a 25m pool at UWCEA, with 6 lanes and wave control lane ropes. The swim starts will be staggered according to the number of competitors in each category.

THE CYCLE & RUN for PINK and BLUE races will take place entirely within the premises of UWCEA. The terrain is a flat non-technical mountain bike course of gravel and grass. There will be marshalls along the course to guide the participants. 

THE CYCLE & RUN for PURPLE, GREEN, and ORANGE races are as follows:
— CYCLE: To make the course as accessible as possible, the ride is a non-technical mountain bike course on a mixture of gravel roads, jeep track and single track on a rolling gradient. 
— RUN: Off-road on a mixture of gravel road, jeep track and footpaths, rolling gradient. 

Thank you to ABC Bicycles for making it possible for participants to rent bicycles for the event. For more information, please email ABC directly. 

In case of emergencies, we will have medivac on standy. The numbers for this will be posted at check-in. We ask you to take down these details in order to call for yourself or another participant that may need help. 

We will also have ABC Cycling on standby in case of mechanical issues. You may take their number in case you need help with puncture repair or other basic bike issues. 

All participants are required to sign a LIABILITY DISCLAIMER; this will be electronically signed during online registration.

Participants under 18 are required to have a parent /guardian sign the entry form/disclaimer on the participants’ behalf. 


What is the Transition area?

For those who are new to a triathlon, The “Transition” is a clearly marked area through which you will move between the Swim and Cycle, and again between the Cycle and Run. Before the race, you will deposit your bike, helmet, running shoes and any clothes that you will want to change into for each separate event. As you finish each part of the event, you will run into Transition, find your kit, make whatever changes you need, and then “check-out” on the way out to start the next part of the event. For those doing the team event, your teammates will wait in transition and will only be allowed to start once you have “checked in”.

It sounds complicated but it isn’t if you are organized and prepared – and if you are, it will save you valuable time.

Please read our advice on what equipment and clothing you will need so that you don’t have any last minute panics on the day.

The transition area will be manned by marshals, who will assist with direction flow and ensure all rules within the transition area are followed.



It is important to realise that you are doing three different sports in one go, and saving time messing about changing in between each event is crucial to avoid frustration.. Also – you will be going from Swim to Cycle to Run without the luxury of changing rooms… you’ll be in the middle of the UWCEA playing fields, so think carefully!

Ultimately, it is a matter of personal choice and part of the challenge of a triathlon to get it right. However, you may want to swim in a swimming costume, but perhaps choose one that you can also put a T-shirt and a pair of running shorts over (for the girls). Alternatively, swim in a pair of cycling shorts (and a sports bra for the girls) and just put on a T-shirt for the ride & run. Chafing can be a problem so a little tub of Vaseline in transition might come in handy! Remember to bring a hat to run in if you think it might be a sunny day, plus some water-resistant sunscreen.



Hopefully you’ve done some training and are feeling fit, but if you haven’t done as much as you might have liked, don’t worry – just come along, do it at your own pace and have fun.

Here’s the list of things you might want to bring along:

  • Swimming costume/shorts
  • Running shorts/cycling shorts
  • T-shirt to ride and run in
  • Socks and running shoes
  • Cycling shoes (if you use cleats)
  • Helmet (no helmet, no ride)
  • Pump, puncture repair kit
  • Water bottle to fit on your bike 500ml or 1ltr
  • Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses that are comfortable to run/ride in

Check that your bike is working well and contact Hans at the Arusha Bike Centre at 0713720790 or 0767520790 if it needs maintenance. ABC will be present on the day to help with any emergencies but don’t leave it until then to get your bike in top condition.

Water stations
There will be water stations out on the 5km and the 10km at a main intersection. Water will also be available as you pass through the main event area. Each group will do multiple laps so the opportunity to re-fill should be plenty. We DO NOT SUPPLY CUPS, so you must bring your OWN WATER BOTTLE. 

There will be rubbish bins at the water points, PLEASE help us by not throwing litter anywhere else on the course.

Start and finish
START times are estimated, but depending on the number of participants, this may change, and will be announced on the day. START will take place at the swimming pool.

FINISH will take place in the grounds of UWCEA, and will be well-signed for participants to know where to go.

Event etiquette and safety 
Events like this require a huge amount of organization and participation by a great many people, most of whom are volunteers. In the spirit of the event, please be courteous and appreciative of those who have given their time to make this event a reality. Please also help the organisers by arriving in good time, preparing well and listening to instructions – this will help everyone enjoy it all the more.

We have been kindly given the opportunity to use the farms and private land that surround the school to create a beautiful, fun and interesting course. PLEASE DON’T LITTER. You will also be using some public roads where you’ll come across other pedestrians, bicycles and pedestrians – PLEASE TAKE CARE and be aware of other traffic on these roads and be considerate to other road users.

Wherever possible, keep to the left and when you are running or riding and want to overtake, call out to the person in front: “passing to the right” so they expect you and you don’t end up with a collision.

This is a race, but if you see someone in need of help, please stop and assist. If you can’t help the person yourself, please report the issue to the next race marshal you find, remembering to make a mental note of the racer’s number so you can let the organisers know who is in trouble. Remember that it might be you that needs help next time, so don’t just rush on. You may report the minutes you’ve spent helping out to the race organisers and they will be deducted from your final time. Safety first, always!

And finally, HAVE FUN! This is a great chance to challenge yourself a bit, get a bit dirty and sweaty and earn your burger or beer at the end.



General Rules of Conduct:
- Participants shall refrain from intentionally or accidentally blocking, charging, obstructing, or interfering with the forward progress of another participant. 
- Participants must cover the prescribed course in its entirety. It is up to the participant to review the course prior to the event
- Upon leaving the course, a participant shall re-enter the course and continue at the same point of departure.
- Participants shall plainly display their race numbers at all times, and shall maintain the race number in an unaltered, unobstructed and readable state at the start and finish gates, in the transition areas, and on the course. 
- No participant shall use his body, head, arms, or legs to gain an unfair advantage, or to push, pull, hold, strike, or force through one or more participants. 
- No participant shall, at any time during the event, use or wear a hard cast, headset, radio, personal audio device, or any other item deemed dangerous by the Head Referee. 
- No participant shall utilize any glass bottles or glass containers at any time during the event. 
- No participant shall commit any dangerous act which could cause injury to any participant. 
- All personal equipment and belongings taken out onto the course must stay on the athlete the entire time. No garbage, clothing, etc. shall be thrown on the course. 
- Appropriate sports equipment should be worn at all stages of the race.


Upon completion of registration, you will receive an email confirmation, as well as a downloadable PDF. Please save this email or PDF as it will be required for you to make payment — and will also make packet pickup a speedier process on the day of the event!


Take your confirmation PDF or email to the UWC school office to pay between the hours of 8:00 and 16:30, Monday through Friday. Or pay on-site at the triathlon. 

*For more information, email


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