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The Heritage Christian Stables Stakes (Draft)

Mon November 9 - Fri November 20 Webster, NY 14580 US
This Race is in Draft Mode

The Horses

Aria’s Story: Aria (Snowy’s Aravelle) is a grey dun Norwegian fjord mare who was foaled in the beautiful mountains of British Columbia. She has traveled with different owners throughout the United States and finally made her way to Heritage Christian Stables.   Aria is a sweet and sassy mare who loves to be around people.  She is a favorite among riders and volunteers and a sure contender to finish at the top.  Aria was purchased through a generous donation from Drew and Riley Hoselton.



Aspen’s Story: Aspen (Kateland’s Rustic Elegance) is a brown and white miniature gelding donated by Kateland Farm.  Aspen enjoys napping in the sunshine, walking around the farm, meeting new friends and hanging out with his favorite buddy Jasper.  He is trained as a driving horse and in the past was known to be quite fast while winning top ribbons in carriage driving cones and cross-country competitions at large competitive driving shows.   Don’t let his small stature fool you, Aspen’s big heart and competitive nature are sure to find him vying for a win.



Blaze’s Story: Blaze (CEE Blair Skywalker) is a chestnut gelding who came to Heritage Christian Stables in 2019.  Blaze is a kind gelding who enjoys grooming, meeting new friends, and helping riders learn to be more independent.  In his past, Blaze was a top reining horse who was no stranger to the show ring and still likes to show off some of his fancy circles, spins and stops.  Help Blaze gallop away with a win!  Blaze was purchased with a donation from Tony Arena.



Dandy’s Story: Dandy (Fine n Dandy) is a bay and white pinto, Standardbred cross gelding.  He was donated to Heritage Christian Stables by Bonnie Ideal.  He journeyed to Heritage from his home in South Carolina. While in the South he was a pleasure driving horse.  Dandy enjoys rolling in the mud, strolling around the fields and helping children and adults learn to ride.  He often makes funny faces and has a competitive spirit when playing games in lessons.  Dandy is one to watch out for in the stakes.



Elvis’ Story: Elvis (RAF Elvis) is a Dun Norwegian Fjord gelding.  He was donated to Heritage by Mary A. Smith twelve years ago which makes him the equine resident with the most years here.  Elvis has taught hundreds of children and adults to ride.  He is a calm, sensitive boy who has a sense of humor and loves to try to play tricks on those around him.   His personable disposition makes him a barn favorite and always keeps those around him laughing.  Elvis’ dedication to helping others and amusing personality will surely help him excel to the finish line at the top of the pack.


Haeley’s Story: Haeley (SNF Haeley) is a Dun Norwegian Fjord mare. She is on loan from Jenna Crane. Haeley is a jack of all trades; from trail riding to hunter paces, camping, ground driving, horse shows and now therapeutic horseback riding, she’s done a little of everything! Haeley’s kind disposition makes her a favorite with participants and volunteers. She enjoys hanging out with her pasture friends and sunbathing on warm days. Haeley is sure to race to the top of the score board in the stakes.



Jasper’s Story: Jasper (Kateland Snap to It) sorrel miniature gelding who was donated to Heritage Christian Stables by Mary Dale. You can most often find him right next to his pal Aspen as they are part of our welcoming committee. Jasper is trained to drive and, in his past, graced many pleasure driving horse shows.  Jasper can frequently be found munching on hay, meeting new friends and trying out new games with participants. Jasper thinks that he is the biggest horse at the stables and his larger than life attitude makes him a top stakes contender



Mara’s Story: Mara (Mara Jade) is a kind and playful Haflinger mare who was donated to Heritage Christian Stables by Lisa Maslyn in the winter of 2019. Mara is inquisitive, smart and a quick learner. She enjoys attention, hanging out with her pasture friends and meeting new participants. Mara’s willingness to please will surely find her racing to the winner’s circle.



Mr. Peeps’ Story: Mr. Peeps (Too Flashy of a Zipper) is the newest member of our herd at Heritage Christian Stables. Mr. Peeps is a chestnut and white Paint horse. He was recently donated by Sheila Gabreski. Prior to coming to our stables, Mr. Peeps was a top show ring contender in hunt seat competitions. He loves people, attention, grooming and meeting new friends. His kind disposition and previous training make him a suitable horse for many riders. Help cheer on our handsome new boy as he takes on a field of top contenders.



Potter’s Story: Potter (Harry Potter) is a dark bay welsh/ quarter horse cross gelding on loan from Nicole Bednez and her daughter Bethany. Prior to arriving to our stables, Bethany had competed Potter in many different disciplines successfully over the years. Potter joined our herd just over a year ago and has quickly moved up the ranks to one of the barn favorites. Potter’s patience, kind disposition and sense of humor have made him the perfect addition. Potter enjoys grooming, grazing and is always up for meeting new friends. Potter also has some pony sass and an occasional trick up his sleeve which always makes us laugh. Help Potter have a magical finish in the stakes!



Trigger’s Story: Trigger is a handsome, golden, palomino gelding who was donated to our program in the spring of 2019 by the Waite family. Trigger has previously been ridden by children in shows and at camps. Trigger thoroughly enjoys being around people and having lots of attention. He loves being groomed and is patient for those working with him who are new to horses. He enjoys playing games in lessons and is always up to try something new. Help Trigger race to the wire and finish in the lead.



Whiskey’s Story: Whiskey is a Quarter Horse cross gelding. He came to Heritage Christian Stables through a generous donation from David Desmond. Whiskey has previously competed in horse shows and enjoyed extensive trail riding with his previous owners. He is currently learning the role of a therapeutic horse at the stables and has been used in many horsemanship lessons. With his long legs Whiskey is sure to gain ground as he races towards the winner's circle.



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