Survive the Night Relays

Fri June 19 - Sat June 20
Race Cue Sheets

For the marathon relay, please skip down to the Run section below.

The Swim – 2.4 miles

Teams will be seated based on predicted finish times to be collected from the team captains. The swim segment of the race will begin at Lancaster Aquatic Center at approximately 6:30 PM on Friday, June 19, 2020. Teams will be placed at one team per lane, and will be expected to provide their own lap counter. The swim course will be a total of 80 laps or 160 lengths of the pool in yards, short course. Teams can divide up the distances however they want, with the exception to swimmers can only exchange at one end of the pool, therefore any swimmer must swim at a minimum of 50 yards. Only the teams actively swimming will be permitted on the pool deck. Teams preparing to swim in subsequent swim waves will be asked to wait on bleachers adjacent to the swim deck. As teams approach 10-15 minutes before ending their swim segment, the next teams up will be notified to prepare for their swim leg. Once a team finishes their swim segment, a separate team member will be signaled across the pool deck to begin the run to the 1st transition beginning at the exit of the pool. There will be no running allowed on the pool deck.

Run to 1st Transition - 0.4 miles

Begin running along the side walk in front of the Bernard Johnson Athletic Center heading East
Climb the steps up to the level of the outdoor tennis courts
Follow the walking path towards the outdoor basketball courts and stay to the right
Pass through the basketball courts and straight across Cooper Drive entering the Bluegrass Community and Technical College campus
Turn left at the North corner of Commonwealth stadium and head straight into the transition area

Bike Loop (1.2 miles) 120 Miles Total

Each team will complete 100 laps around the bike course. Only one cyclist from each team can be cycling at any given time on the course. The minimum distance team members are required to complete is one lap and exchanges are permitted only within the designated exchange zone. A detailed map of the course will be provided in the Athlete Guide. For the 2019 version, click HERE. We will email a link for the 2020 version as soon as it is ready.

Run Loop - 26 Miles Total

We are working on the route for the run, check back here for details.

Final Team Run Segment to the Finish Line - 0.2 miles

The final runner for each team will run an additional 0.2 miles around transition to the finish line. Team members are encouraged to join their final runner and cross the finish line as a team. The finish line will be located in front of Entrance 2 of Commonwealth Stadium.

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