Survive the Night Relays

Fri June 19 - Sat June 20
Race FAQs

How many athletes are allowed per team?  A max of 10

How do I join my team? 

  1. Get your team name from your team captain, and any password (if applicable).
  2. Confirm which event your team is a part of - either the Survive the Night Triathlon Relay, Marathon Relay Team 1-5 members, or Marathon Relay Team 6-10 members.
  3. Go to the Survive the Night Relays RunSignUp page HERE.
  4. Click on the SIGN UP Button on the top right side of the page.
  5. RunSignUp will ask you to join or provide your information, or if you are already registered with RunSIgnUp, to choose who to register.
  6. Select your appropriate team category - either the Survive the Night Triathlon Relay, Marathon Relay Team 1-5 members, or Marathon Relay Team 6-10 members. Then click the box to the left of the correct option.
  7. Then click the blue JOIN TEAM button on the right side of the event box.
  8. On the pop-out screen, click JOIN EXISTING TEAM.
  9. Click the down arrow in the SELECT EXISTING TEAM box - then highlight your team's name.
  10. You may have to enter a password if your captain set one.
  11. RunSignUp will run through the rest of the registration process.
  12. There should be no charge to join an existing team, EXCEPT, if you are on a have a triathlon team, you must pay for a one day USA Triathlon license at the time of registration.

Do I have to do the triathlon? No! First, keep in mind the triathlon event is a relay, so if you are a runner, you just need to pull in your best swimming and cycling buddies, create a team, and go for it! But, if that is not your jam, this year we have the marathon only relay event.

Are team captains required to sign up the entire team at the time of registration? No, the registration system through will permit a single person to register a team, and team members can be added at any point until race day at no additional charge.  We request that you finalize your roster as soon as possible, but keep in mind that any changes to your team after May 30, 2020 cannot be to number or sizes of shirts. In order to guarantee the correct size race T-shirt, a detailed list of team members including T-shirt size is required by May 30, 2020.

In the triathlon, can athletes participate in more than (or less than) one discipline?  As long as athletes perform exchanges within the specified points, individual athletes within a team can race as much as they like and in as many disciplines as they like. For example, one team member can swim only; four team members can swim, bike, and run; and two team members can bike only; and three members can come in only for the run. Team captains will be required to submit a race log at the completion of the race detailing the contributions from each team member.

When do I start? We will ask your team Captain to send us your estimated time to finish the race your team particulates in. We will then "seed" teams based on this estimated time and assign start times in an effort to have all teams finish around 8:00 a.m. on June 20th. For the triathlon relay, the first wave of teams will start the swim at 7:00 p.m. on June 19th. For the marathon relay, the first wave of teams will start at 1:00 a.m. on June 20th. Don't worry, we will let you know your start time with plenty of time to plan. In addition, if you have any special restrictions or circumstances we need to consider when setting your start time, please let us know when your Captain submits your estimated finish time.

Are multiple team members on the course at one time? No. This is a relay, so each team has only one team member on the course at any one time. That team member then "hands off" the timing chip to the next team member, who continues the race. The team members not on the course will hang out "tailgating style" in the Kroger Field parking lot having a great time while cheering the active and "next up" team members on.

Does everyone on the team complete the entire distance of the race? No. This is a relay, so each team has only one team member on the course at any one time. That team member then "hands off" the timing chip to the next team member, who continues the race.

How do I divide up the relay legs? However you want! (with a few restrictions) . . . You can divide the distance between your teammates in whatever amount and whatever order you want, the only limit is the minimum distance of one "lap". In the triathlon, the minimum swim "lap" is 50 meters (40 total); the minimum bike "lap" is 1.2 miles (100 total); and the minimum run "lap" is 1.3 miles (20 total). For example, for the marathon relay, the minimum run "lap" is 1.3 miles. For example, in the marathon relay, runner one could run 3 laps, runner two could run 5 laps, runner three could run 1 lap, runner one could run 3 more laps, and runner four could run 4 laps, and runner two could run 1 lap, and runner three could come in and finish with 3 laps. How you cover the distance is up to you and your team!

Can athletes who are participating also volunteer?  Yes!! Many of the volunteer positions have been scheduled for 2-4 hours.  As long as you are able to coordinate with your respective teams, athletes competing in the overnight relay can volunteer and can also participate in our exercise event as well.

Will the triathlon bike course be closed to traffic?  Yes.

Will the run course be closed to traffic? Yes. Most of the run course will take place in and around Commonwealth Stadium. 

What size shirt should I pick? We are offering super soft T-shirts from Next Level Apparel this year. For women's sizing information click HERE and then click "Size Chart." For men, click HERE.

Will there be prizes? All finishers (including all members of a team) will receive a unique finisher's award.  In addition, there will be overall prizes for the top teams within each division.

Are there any requirements for the bike?  All participating cyclists will need to present a CPSC certified helmet prior to beginning the bike leg.  In addition, since this will be a bike course that will most likely be taking place in the dark, all participating cyclists must present a front head light and a blinking rear light mounted to their bicycle. Lights will be available at check-in for a small fee if an athlete is unable to obtain one in advance.

Is drafting on the bike permitted? This race is meant to be more about comradery than brutal competitiveness.  We have worked to have the event sanctioned by USA Triathlon, and we will enforce a NO DRAFTING policy.  There will be a course marshall present during the bike leg.

Will there be a bike mechanic on the course?  Individual teams will need to provide their own support for their athletes.  However, during the initial hours of the bike leg, we will have a bike mechanic on site to help with minor repairs if needed.

Are there any other team requirements?  Each registered team will be required to provide 2 volunteers, who can sign up for any volunteer opportunity for the entire weekend event.  Volunteer registration is available using the links above through

Do you have a question that we have not answered?  Please contact us for any other questions or concerns. 

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