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Fast Triathlon VR7

Fri November 20 - Sun November 22 Orlando, FL 32819 US

Training Tips



Actually the Fast Triathlon is not a new concept. Short and fast triathlon races were really famous in the 90’s but it was only raced by professional athletes.

What's new is that you do not need to be professional to do them anymore! Anyone can do it!! The format is a bit different than your usual Sprint triathlon, it's shorter, faster and you do more than one race! Yes, that's right you will do shorter races back to back:

For example:
1st round: swim / bike / run
Period of rest: 10 minutes
2nd round: swim / bike / run
Period of rest: 10 minutes
3rd round: swim / bike / run

If you always wanted to do a triathlon but don’t have many spare hours, these races are ideal. The race is short, and the training is speed-based mostly, rather than pure endurance (like Ironman). The key to getting good at  triathlon is to follow a training plan, so no guessing, follow what the experts tell you.

When you sign up for the Fast Triathlon races, you will receive a FREE training plan (Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced).

These training plans take you through the process in just six weeks, factoring in recovery at the right times. It’ll take just 5 to 6 hours per week, including 6 to 8 workouts. There are three key sessions per week, during which you’ll need to either run, swim, or bike hard for short intervals. These are the ones that’ll make you fast. There are also some easier sessions, where you train at lower effort but with good technique.


The Fast Triathlon will help you be a better triathlete:

Practice Transition - how often do you go through your entire pre-race ritual? There is no better time to practice than at an actual race. 

Improve your Swim - we always have something to work on in the swim. Everyone can use more practice swimming with a group with the pressure of the race. You may swim open water with a group, but these are your friends who are being nice. In a race, you have strangers who are only thinking about themselves. You can practice your navigation skills and practice getting out of your wetsuit. 

Practice going fast on the bike - one of the best things about Fast Triathlon is to practice going fast on the bike. Something we do not have a chance to do on longer races.

Practice bike Skills - If you do not want to go explore your limits, you can use the bike leg to simply work on your skills. Go out and focus completely on maintaining as steady effort as possible. Every time you slow down or break momentum on the bike it not only costs you time it also costs you energy in regaining speed. Each time you hit the brakes or slow down for a corner you must use energy and time to regain your speed. At the base of a climb do you shift too many gears and cost yourself time and energy when you can shift through more slowly and maintain more momentum?

Practice the Run off the bike - the run in triathlon is tough and we rarely have an opportunity to train real race effort (off the bike) . Our ability to endure suffering is important to be trained. Most people have finished a race at some point and thought that they could have gone a little bit faster. This is your chance to leave it all out on the course.

Now that you know a bit more about Fast Triathlon, sign up and start having fun!

Author/ consultant:

Coach Sergio Borges - X Training

Level III USA Triathlon coach

Level II ITU Triathlon Coach - Junior and U23 Development

Level II USA Cycling coach

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