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Fast Triathlon VR7

Fri November 20 - Sun November 22 Orlando, FL 32819 US

How it Works


Water events: 

Availability of at least 16 meters/17.5 yards swimming pool.

Multisport events:

A multisport wearable device/ sport watch.  

Biking events: 

      You will need a Smart Trainer and a wearable device. You will sync both with a bicycle app. 


NOTE:  Set up your equipment ahead of time to avoid last minute frustration. 


Measurements & Places / Options

Swimming / Pools: Domestic pools or Condo pools are good options; however, make sure it's permitted in your area. If the pool is in yards 218 yards and this distance is in the middle of your pool, you must go to the next pool edge to wrap up your swimming portion. If you have an open water option available it's feasible as well. 

Biking & Running Portions: If your City is open where you are permitted to ride a bike or run outside, those are great options or you can use a smart trainer and/or treadmill.  

Sport  Watches: as an exemple, you choose Fast Triathlon as your competition, you will need to have a multisport mode on your sport start, click lap for the end of each sport + transitions + period of rest, click STOP when you have completed your event. 

Smart Trainers: Make sure everything is correctly connected before starting.


How to Submit your Results

After you have completed your race, you will need to upload your results to your account.

There are 2 options for doing this...

Option 1:   

You can email us by sharing the link available on your wearable device after you are finished

  Remember... Depending on the wearable device you are using, you will have to send your results (1 to 3 links) in order for us to upload.

Option 2: 

If you are uploading the results by yourself, you will need to complete each field separately. For example... If you completed a Fast Triathlon, you will need to include each segment individually... your swimming time; your T1 time; your bike time; your T2 time; then your run time. You will need to repeat the same format for the second and third rounds for a total of (15) different times.

Upon completion, you will need to upload your “proof of completion” 

All times will then be posted on the Leaderboard the first Wednesday after the submissions have closed. 

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